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MLB Trade Deadline Discussion: Would you rather see the Brewers acquire a hitter or pitcher?

The trade deadline is hours away. In a dream world, what kind of player do you want the Brewers to acquire?

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Scott Iskowitz

The MLB Trade market is in full swing as the deadline of 3 pm CT looms. The Red Sox and Athletics have already made a major trade as Jon Lester moved from Boston to Oakland in exchange for Yoenis Cespedes.

That's fortunate news for the Brewers, as it had been rumored the top two teams in contention for Lester were the division-rival Pirates and Cardinals. Either team picking up the ace would have seen a big boost to their playoff efforts as the Brewers cling to a tight division lead.

Meanwhile, the Brewers have been quiet so far at the deadline. Doug Melvin and co are bumming around a hotel in Florida in case something comes up, but there doesn't appear to be anything imminent.

That said, there has been plenty of discussion on the site about whether we would rather see the Brewers acquire a hitter or a pitcher if they were to make a move. Throwing out the more necessary options of relievers and bench players, let's talk about whether someone who could be immediately inserted into the lineup (a first baseman, say) or someone who could be immediately inserted into the rotation would be the bigger help.

The arguments against acquiring a hitter basically boil down to the fact that the Brewers are the second-best in the National League at scoring runs this year. However, the Brewers are 12th in the NL for runs scored in July after being 1st in June and 5th in May. The biggest issue is, perhaps, the maddening inconsistency of many of the players. Jonathan Lucroy and Ryan Braun can be counted on for consistent output, usually, but guys like Khris Davis, Mark Reynolds and Carlos Gomez can all be streaky. Getting another bat would help with consistency day-to-day, ideally.

Meanwhile, pitching can be the key to a deep playoff run and while the Brewers have a solid rotation they lack an ace. If they have to go up against, say, the Dodgers with Clayton Kershaw and Zack Greinke it will be an uphill battle. Same with the Nationals and their great staff. Still, should the team part with other value when their rotation is already strong? The pitchers already on the roster won't blow people away, but they can keep the Brewers in games.

So say the Brewers make a move for a key piece as the deadline approaches (which they probably won't). Who would you rather see come to Milwaukee: Someone who will lead the rotation or someone who will strengthen the lineup?