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Prognostikeggers 2014 - Week 15

Winners get even the smallest details correct.

Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Here are the final results for week 14:

Rank BCB User Name Points
1 GoldenFrank 3
1 tdgbp 3
3 ASO 1

Very light as it was only a five game week, and it was also a week where the Brewers struggled. GoldenFrank's one correct prediction matched tdgbp's three correct in point value to force a tie for the week.

This is the last week before the All-Star Break, and once we come out of it, you will see a change to Prognostikeggers. In an effort to get some more points scored and more people playing again, I'm returning another prediction to the game. In addition to making your normal prediction, you can now predict the score of each game. All it will be is predicting how many runs each team will score. You will get one point for each side you get correct, and a one point bonus for getting both correct. We'll go through the full rules next week, which will be an extended week (covering the Nationals, Reds, and Mets series).

Until then, enjoy this week's predictions. You get seven this week.