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Marco Estrada Home Run Tracker: July 7, 2014

This is getting historic, you guys.

Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

This may or may not count as news, but Marco Estrada started on Monday night and allowed a home run. It was his 27th of the season, easily the most in all of baseball.

Assuming he remains in the starting rotation the rest of the season, Estrada has a real chance to allow more home runs than most guys would ever dream of. His 27 this season are already tied for the 31st most in franchise history, and he's the first Brewer to reach that mark since Yovani Gallardo in 2011.

If the Brewers don't decide to drop the giant foot on Marco Estrada's Flying Circus, then Braden Looper's franchise record of 39 home runs allowed in a season is most certainly in jeopardy. So is Jose Lima's National League record of 48, and Bert Blyleven's MLB record of 50, a mark which has stood alone for nearly 30 years.

What follows is a quick look at where Estrada stands after 18 starts, as compared to the three record holders he's closing in on:

Pitcher Marco Estrada (2014) Braden Looper (2009) Jose Lima (2000) Bert Blyleven (1986)
Home Runs (After 18 GS) 27 22 29 27
Home Runs (Total) ? 39 48 50
Date of 18th start July 7 July 10 July 9 July 3

Hit Tracker won't have the official distance on Utley's home run until sometime tomorrow morning, but unless this ball traveled less than 315 feet Estrada will pass another milestone: The two-mile mark. Estrada's first 26 home runs of the season traveled a combined 10,245 feet, leaving him just 315 feet shy of 10,560.

Estrada has allowed more home runs this season than reliever Bill Castro did in his entire Brewers career. Castro logged 411 innings over seven seasons as a Brewer between 1974-1980.

The Brewers have 72 games remaining, meaning Estrada could have 14 starts left if he stays in the rotation. The next one is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, when he would face the Cardinals. Estrada has allowed seven home runs in 13 career appearances (eight starts) against St. Louis, and no current Cardinal has homered off him more than once.

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