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Brewers have over 80% chance of making the playoffs

Despite the great chance of making the postseason, the Brewers have less than a three percent chance of winning the World Series.

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Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

With a day off on Monday, the Brewers can still celebrate a little bit as they currently sit at just a tick under an 83% chance of making the playoffs according to Fangraphs (as collected by the Journal Sentinel).

Only the Nationals (99.1%) and Dodgers (96.9%) have better chances of making the playoffs in the National League. Meanwhile the Cardinals stand at 79.3% and the Pirates at 37.2%. For the first time since July 6, the Brewers are favored to win the division.

The Cardinals currently sit three games back of the Brewers for the NL Central lead while the Pirates have dropped all the way to 5.5 games back. However, St. Louis has a firm grasp on the first Wild Card spot while Pittsburgh is 1.5 games back of the Giants for the second Wild Card.

The Brewers have been atop the NL Central nearly all season, with just four days in April being the only time they did not lead the division. They have expanded their lead in the past few days with a sweep over the Dodgers.

Though the odds to get to the playoffs are pretty good, the Brewers have just a 2.8% chance of winning the World Series. The Athletics, Nationals, Angels, Dodgers and Tigers all have over 10% chances of winning it all. The Orioles, Royals, Mariners and Cardinals all have a better chance of winning the World Series than the Brewers, according to this.

Which is a little strange, particularly the Cardinals bit. The Brewers are barely behind Washington for the best record in the NL. I guess the projections don't have much faith in them keeping it up. That's OK, though. The Brewers have been underrated all season long -- they can handle a couple more months of it.