Meme Brewers

If the Brewers were memes, which ones would they be? Here's my take on the starting lineup, tell me I'm wrong (you can't sleep now, there's someone wrong on the internet) or add your own player-meme if you like.

C Jonathan Lucroy


Yo dawg, I heard you like value, so we put some value in your value so you can value your value. He hits for average, but he also hits for power, but he also has plate discipline, good defense, pitch framing... he's layered like an onion of baseball talent. The only thing he can't do really well...


1B Mark Reynolds


Teams say they've been disappointed in Mark Reynolds. Sure he hit some home runs, but they were disappointed when he made an error, and disappointed when he strikes out. Well here he is with the Brewers hitting plenty of dingers, driving in runs, coming up with big hits, and playing first base like he was born to it. So for the Diamondbacks, Orioles, Indians, and Yankees, Mark has a message for you: "SON, I AM DISAPPOINT."

2B Scooter Gennett


"Oh, he's just a scrawny little guy with unimpressive minor league numbers and he's a AAA player at best, he'll never amount to anything." ORLY? Since filing in for the baseball-challenged Weeks, Gennett has done everything asked of him and much more than expected. "Not a good defender." ORLY? "Won't hit MLB pitching." ORLY? "Got lucky, he'll regress." ORLY? He keeps getting better, and keeps proving all his doubters wrong.

SS Jean Segura


There can't be many people in baseball who are nicer than Jean. Truly the Nice Guy, he's never complained about anything. Even when a teammate smacks him in the face with a bat, he has nothing bad to say about it. He'll steal bases for you, lay down bunts, and stand in there against a double play even when the relay throw is late.

3B Aramis Ramirez


He's the experienced, older guy in the lineup with tons of hidden talents, and the Brewers' most interesting man. He's a professional hitter who always seems to come through in the clutch, and is respected by players and baseball people around the league. He doesn't always make every play at third base, but when he does it's bare-handed or throwing people out from his knees.

LF Khris Davis


He's young and quiet, but he carries a big stick. He's absolutely the Khrush Kid.

CF Carlos Gomez


Carlos has no off button. He's turned on full-blast 100% of the time, has boundless energy, is reacting to everything, constantly set to Go. Just like obsessive girlfriend, sometimes you wish he'd tone it down and not try to swing for a home run on every pitch or respond to everybody who says something to him, but letting Carlos be Carlos has been successful for the Brewers.

RF Ryan Braun


Sure, he's cocky. And maybe he lied and was caught for doing some substances he shouldn't, and lost a lot of money... but just when you want to write him off as a total jerk he comes back and does something really nice and charitable. It's the image he's got, and he lives with it. He doesn't let it ruin his day, and even when he's fighting injuries all he does is win.