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Brewers finish with 11-9 interleague record

The Brewers faced a tough slate of American League opponents in 2014, but came out no worse for the wear.

Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

With the Brewers' series split against the Blue Jays Tuesday/Wednesday, Milwaukee is officially done with interleague play for the season.

Much like the rest of the team's season, their interleague slate was surprisingly good. Despite playing the tough AL East (and the Twins), Milwaukee ended with an 11-9 record against American League teams. And that number wasn't aided by Minnesota, either, as the Brewers finished 2-2 against the Twins.

Instead, the Brewers managed to beat the perhaps two most historically heralded teams in baseball, the Red Sox and Yankees. In fact, the Red Sox helped instill a sense of hope in Brewers fans right away as Milwaukee travelled to Fenway Park and swept the reigning World Series champions. Then, in May, the Brewers took two-of-three in Miller Park against the New York Jeters.

Furthermore, the Brewers also won a series against the Orioles. Currently, Baltimore is leading the AL East by a whopping nine games and has a 73-52 record.

Milwaukee did lose a series to the Rays just before the trade deadline. They also finished with a 1-3 record against the Blue Jays after two two-game series split home and away.

Brewers' hitters seemed to enjoy American League pitching -- they hit .265/.317/.439 during interleague compared to an overall line of .254/.311/.412. Interestingly enough, the better hitting can't be attributed too much to the designated hitter: Brewers DHs hit just .167/.167/.286 this year. That's not so much better than their pitchers' batting line of .100/.129/.116.

Brewers' pitchers, however, did not enjoy AL hitting quite so much. In 20 games against interleague foes, Milwaukee pitchers earned a 3.81 ERA (overall ERA: 3.62) and opponents hit for a .749 OPS against them (overall: .694). The Blue Jays and Orioles, in particular, abused Brewers' arms. Toronto hit .274/.329/.526 against Milwaukee while Baltimore posted a .270/.328/.514 line.

But an 11-9 record in interleague play is nothing to sneeze at, to be sure. Especially for a Brewers team that went 6-14 against American League opponents in 2013.

Regular interleague season play may be over, but here's hoping the Brewers get to play an American League squad one more time this year.