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Brewers 5, Giants 15: Thanks for nothing, west coast

The Brewers lost pretty bad. They are now tied for first place in the NL Central again.

Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports

Win: Madison Bumgarner (16-9)
Loss: Kyle Lohse (12-8)

HR: Martin Maldonado (4), Ryan Braun (18), Pablo Sandoval (15)


Well that was a delightful west coast swing. In six games against the Padres and Giants, the Brewers only managed to win the first. Milwaukee also managed to give up a total of 31 runs to San Francisco over this three-game series. The Cardinals won earlier today, so they are now tied with the Brewers atop the NL Central once again.

Today was one of the worst losses the Brewers have had this season, made more unlikely by the fact Kyle Lohse was on the mound. Lohse has made a name for himself being one of the most solid, consistent starters in the game. Today, he pitched 5.2 innings and allowed seven runs on nine hits and two walks.

Alfredo Figaro (called up yesterday) and Will Smith gave up three and four runs, respectively. Brandon Kintzler also allowed one.

With a 6-1 lead already, the Giants managed to put a seven-spot on the board in the seventh inning.

Madison Bumgarner was really good.

Bad losses happen. Bring on the Cubs, next.