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Brewers prospect Nathan Orf plays all nine positions in Brevard County finale

Rarely do players have the opportunity to play all nine positions in one game, but that's exactly what Nathan Orf did at Space Coast Stadium on Sunday.

Here's a neat story from the Brewers' farm system: Nathan Orf, who was named an FSL postseason All Star recently, played all nine positions for the Brevard County Manatees in their final game of the season.

Orf found out he would be accomplishing the feat just an hour and a half before game time. In front on 903 people, he started the first inning at catcher, then moved to first base. From there, he went to second base, third base, shortstop, left field and right field. He finished his night on the mound, where he threw to one batter and earned a groundout.

In the linked article above, Orf talked about pitching:

"I had no clue what I was doing up there," Orf admitted. "I was trying to throw strikes and throw them somewhat down in the zone. I was just hoping they didn't hit a home run. Hoppy [third baseman Greg Hopkins] made a great play, and it was a great way to end the game and the season."

Even after playing all nine positiions, Orf's day wasn't over: He then coached first base in the bottom of the ninth. At the plate, he finished his season with an 0-2 performance, though Orf did draw a walk.

Orf is in his second professional season after being signed by Milwaukee as an undrafted free agent out of Baylor in 2013. Though he has been old for the levels he is playing at (Orf is already 24), he's been a pleasant surprise thus far: In 165 career games heading into Sunday, Orf has hit .295/.403/.394 with 10 stolen bases.

If he can continue to get on base well, Orf's versatility will be a huge asset as he looks to move up through the Brewers' minors. Sunday was the first time he has played shortstop or catcher professionally, while he had played fewer than 10 games in each of left field, center field and third base. Orf says his favorite position is second base.

The last minor leaguer to play all nine positions in one game was Justin Toole, who did so for the Indians A-Ball team in 2012. Only five major leaguers have managed the feat, with the last two coming in 2000 as Shane Halter of the Tigers and Scott Sheldon of the Rangers played all nine in separate games late that season.

Orf was promoted to Double-A Huntsville following the game as the Stars head to the postseason.