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Video: Giancarlo Stanton hit by pitch in the face and aftermath

In the wake of yesterday's Brewers-Marlins game, let's take a look at everything that happened again and the reaction of players & coaches following the game.

Mike McGinnis

If you missed last night's game, you missed quite a bit of action. The Brewers did win their second game in a row for the first time in a few weeks. However, that paled in comparison to everything else that happened during the game. To help you sort through it, let's take it piece by piece.

All of the trouble started in the top of the fifth inning. With the Brewers up 4-0, Giancarlo Stanton was at the plate and had an 0-1 count with two outs and runners on first and third. Jonathan Lucroy set up to catch a throw low in the zone, but Mike Fiers missed and ended up hitting Giancarlo Stanton in the left cheek. Stanton went down and immediately coaches and trainers from both sides went to attend to Stanton. Here is video of Stanton getting hit by the pitch and what followed.

(Note: While the video doesn't show anything too graphic, just a fair warning that what is in the video may be hard for some people to watch. If you get squeamish in cases of injuries like this, you may want to avoid this video.)

Some more details came out about Stanton's injury following the game. He suffered a facial laceration that required stiches, multiple facial fractures, and dental damage. He is returning to Florida for further tests, but good news out of this so far is it there are no reports of any brain damage, he never lost consciousness (which is generally a good sign), and he has feeling in all of his extremities. While there are more tests to conduct, it sounds hopeful that he can make a full recovery.

Once Stanton was off the field, play resumed. Because Stanton had offered at the pitch, the umpire ruled it a strike instead of a hit by pitch. Reed Johnson came in to replace Stanton, taking over with an 0-2 count. This time, Lucroy set up down and away, but Fiers' pitch went inside and hit Reed Johnson's hand. It was ruled a strikeout since Johnson swung at the pitch, but this caused tempers to flare and both benches to empty. On the Marlins broadcast, the announcers were very irate around it. Here's video of the benches clearing from the Marlins broadcast:

If you want to see the same video from the FOX Sports Wisconsin perspective, you can find that here.

Both benches were warned after this incident, and third baseman Casey McGehee and manager Mike Redmond of the Marlins were both ejected. The strikeout stood and the inning came to an end, ending a potential Marlins rally there.

The rest of the game played out mostly without incident, but there was another ejection in the sixth inning, after Anthony DeSclafani hit Carlos Gomez with a pitch.

The Brewers did get into a little trouble (in the runs column) a little later when the Marlins made it a 4-2 game, but the Brewers bullpen kept the Marlins offense mostly in check to record the 4-2 win.

After the game, both sides had their own takes on what had happened in the game. compiled all of the reactions into one video, which you can see below:

Ron Roenicke also addressed all of this in his postgame press conference, with more details on what happened in the game:

It's tough to focus on the Brewers win after everything that happened in this game, but a positive for the team is that they did win their second straight and are showing some signs of turning it around again. While you hate to see something like what happened to Giancarlo Stanton, the games go on and we have to go on as well. We wish Giancarlo Stanton well as he recovers, and once reports come out in more detail about Stanton's injury, we will pass them along here. For now, the season moves on, and there's still a playoff chase to follow.

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