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What we learned: September 18, 2014

Today's lessons include another tough loss, as well as what it feels like to be dumped.

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Yesterday's Results

Cardinals 2, Brewers 0

There were questions about how Mike Fiers would pitch in his next start after Thursday's incident (and Noah even wrote an article asking about it). Mike Fiers quieted those questions early, pitching 5 2/3 innings of no-hit baseball and seven innings total, allowing only two runs (one earned) and three hits. However, a costly "error" in the seventh inning allowed the Cardinals to score a run, and set up their second run to score with the next batter. Meanwhile, despite getting seven hits and two walks off of Adam Wainwright, the Brewers couldn't break through and were held scoreless, allowing the Cardinals to win.

The deals with Huntsville/Biloxi and Brevard County have been renewed, while Nashville is gone.

News finally came out about the PDCs with the current three minor league affiliates yesterday. Both Brevard County and Huntsville/Biloxi agreed to new PDCs, with Huntsville/Biloxi in place until 2018 and Brevard County until 2016. This will help keep both teams stable in those areas for the next two years. With the former Huntsville Stars (new nickname still TBD) set to move to Biloxi next year, the team now has stability on an affiliate following the move. Meanwhile, Brevard County keeps the Brewers as well, maintaining stability there.

Meanwhile, the Triple-A situation for the Brewers is not good. Nashville finally informed the Brewers that they would switch affiliates yesterday, putting the Brewers in a bad situation. Doug Melvin was frustrated by this decision, as it not only was made too late, but also felt like a betrayal after the Brewers had stuck with Nashville through some tough times. Now, by waiting so long, the Brewers only have two options for a new affiliate: Colorado Springs or Fresno. Neither choice is good for the Brewers.

Colorado Springs is in an older facility (built in 1988), is at a higher altitude that could mess with their Triple-A players, and presents travel difficulties for callups. Fresno is in a newer facility (opened in 2003), but is even farther away for travel. Plus, both teams have been affiliated with local MLB affiliates (Fresno with the Giants, Colorado Springs with the Rockies), and both Triple-A teams stand to lose many fans because of this. Sacramento could be in play as well if the Giants decide to reverse course and stay with Fresno, but would present the same challenges as Fresno for the Brewers. Regardless of what happens, it will be a tough situation for the team.

Cram Session

  • A report came out yesterday that the Brewers are going to pick up Aramis Ramirez's 2015 option. However, there are several things wrong with that report, and Derek runs down the list of those reasons.
  • Despite all of the criticism he has received, Doug Melvin has done a good job with building the team. Jordan took a minute yesterday to appreciate what Doug Melvin has done for the Brewers.
  • The Brewers announced details on this winter's Brewers On Deck event yesterday. It is set for Sunday, January 25, and Caitlin Moyer of John & Cait has details on the event.

Division Update

Team W L GB
Cardinals 84 68 -
Pirates 81 70 2.5
Brewers 79 73 5
Reds 71 82 13.5
Cubs 68 84 16

Today's Division Games

  • Red Sox (Brandon Workman) @ Pirates (Gerrit Cole) - 6:05 pm
  • Dodgers (Zack Greinke) @ Cubs (Tsuyoshi Wada) - 7:05 pm
  • Reds have the day off.

Today's Action

The Brewers can still take the series from the Cardinals today in the rubber match of the series. Kyle Lohse will face Shelby Miller in tonight's game. First pitch is at 7:15 pm, and Manny Randhawa of has the preview.