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Help raise money for a better Triple-A team

We only need, like, $65 million or so to bring a Triple-A team to Wisconsin. Sounds doable.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

On Thursday, the Brewers officially chose to affiliate themselves with the Colorado Springs Sky Sox as the flying socks will now be Milwaukee's Triple-A ball club.

We at Brew Crew Ball are opposed to this decision. Hell, the Brewers seem opposed to this decision, and they're the ones who made it. Mostly, we are already well nigh sick of needing to discuss home/away splits. It's annoying taking the time to find those. Plus, they are ridiculous.

No, seriously, the Sky Sox home/away splits are RIDICULOUS. Look at this. Here are a couple splits from the eight batters who played at least 70 games for the Sky Sox in 2014:

Player OPS Home OPS Away SLG Home SLG Away
Kyle Parker 801 709 480 383
Tim Wheeler 698 702 377 399
Ben Paulsen 1.035 758 608 443
Rafael Ynoa 772 803 406 454
Jason Pridie 809 722 452 405
Angelys Nina 723 719 385 410
Drew Garcia 688 582 365 324
Jackson Williams 771 657 418 308

And pitchers who tossed at least 60 innings

Player Opp. OPS home Opp. OPS away ERA home ERA away
Christian Bergman 825 735 4.69 4.24
Christian Friedrich 875 842 7.11 6.57
Yohan Flande 848 718 6.27 4.33
Pedro Hernandez 986 799 8.12 4.71
Brian Burres 874 964 5.23 8.21
Tyler Matzek 774 744 4.74 3.63
Dan Houston 717 1.006 4.21 10.03
Mike McClendon 1.152 889 9.95 5.08

First, a big 'thanks a lot' to Tim Wheeler, Rafael Ynoa, Angelys Nina, Brian Burres and Dan Houston for going against the narrative I'm trying to create here. Jerks. Still, this does not bode well for stats and judging prospects accurately. If the Sky Sox were a Brewers affiliate this year, Matt Clark would have had 58 home runs. You may think I'm kidding, but I'm not, I crunched the numbers. No, I won't show my math.

With this in mind, and with Wisconsin hosting just two minor league baseball teams, we at Brew Crew Ball are making an effort, as a community, to start a new baseball team in Wisconsin to serve as the Brewers' Triple-A affiliate when they are finished with the Sky Sox after 2016. This is good, because we will need to build a stadium which will probably take a couple years. There's zoning and stuff, too. Finding a city. There isn't really a whole lot up north, we can probably find room somewhere.

To fund this team, we need your help. Please donate here. Crowdtilt will only charge you if we actually reach our Tilt goal (herein set at $45,000,000) before our deadline of the end of September. We will name the stadium Brew Crew Ball Field. Or Brew Crew Ball Ballpark if we want to get a little saucy with it.

What you get for donating: The name of a donor will be penciled in on a rotating basis on each baseball used during games. Also, another minor league team in Wisconsin. I don't know. I'm bad with rewards. We can do one of those big group-throw-out-first-pitch in the inaugural game. That would be a lot of people. I'm not sure we have enough money for field repairs after that stunt.

I have the campaign set to 'tilt' at $45,000,000. I think that's a fair amount to build a stadium. The goal, though, is $60,000,000. That seems like enough.

Or, I think it's enough. First Tennessee Park -- new home of the Sounds -- has a construction cost of $37 million. Southwest University Park, which opened this year, cost $72 million. Werner Park, opened in 2011, cost $36 million. So, I'm just estimating. We'll figure out a location a little later on. Wisconsin's a big place. I'm sure we can find room.

Help bring Triple-A baseball back to Wisconsin!