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Brewers 2, Cubs 1: A winning record

With a win over the Cubs, the Brewers have ensured a winning season.

Mike McGinnis

Win: Wily Peralta (17-11)
Loss: Tsuyoshi Wada (4-4)
Save: Francisco Rodriguez (44)

HR: Carlos Gomez (23)


The Brewers 82nd win came a lot later than they otherwise may have hoped in 2014, but it did eventually come. Thus, the team will at least finish with a winning record.

Wily Peralta ended his season on a high note, pitching seven innings of one-run ball while allowing five hits and striking out a whopping 13 batters.

Meanwhile, a Carlos Gomez home run and Jonathan Lucroy RBI double provided the Brewers with two runs, just enough to keep ahead of the Cubs. Once again the offense struggled to get anyone in, but Peralta did his best to make what did cross home count.

The Brewers finish the season tomorrow afternoon with one more game against the Cubs.