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What we learned: January 19, 2015

Today's lessons include the return of the Brewers to the major league offseason and more.

Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

The Brewers may be on the verge of trading Yovani Gallardo.

After months of waiting for the Brewers to do something, we finally have some big news to talk about. Yesterday, rumors began coming out that the Brewers are planning to trade Yovani Gallardo to the Rangers. The rumors didn't get much farther than that, as the deal was not confirmed by either side, and no indication of what the Brewers would get back in return came out. Currently, we are in limbo as we wait to hear what will happen with this deal.

It hasn't stopped speculation from coming out about the Brewers plans for 2015, though. One rumor that came out is that this deal could make the Brewers contenders for Max Scherzer or James Shields (Scherzer has signed with the Nationals as of this morning). Depending on what the return for Gallardo is, this could also mean that Jimmy Nelson will begin 2015 in the Brewers rotation. However, it could completely shake up what we had thought were the plans for the Brewers. Until the deal is completed, we don't know what to expect and just have to wait it out.

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