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Only 35 days until the next televised Brewers game!

Oh sweet Odin I'm so desperate for baseball...

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

We have seen our Brewers on television since the 2014 season ended on September 28th. That' the 2...many days ago. But fear not sports fans, the next televised Brewers baseball game is only 35 days away! Okay, so Spring Training games aren't very exciting. In fact, they're often down right boring. But dadgummit if you're anything like me you'll take anything right now.

Today the Brewers released their Spring Training broadcast schedule and the first televised game is 2 pm CT on Thursday, March 5th against the Angels. Don't worry if you're working. The following two games, that Friday and Saturday also at 2 pm, will also be televised. The opponents on those days will be the Dodgers and the Rangers. So maybe we'll get to see Yovani Gallardo pitch one last time before the World Series!

It's kind of a shame the Brewers very first Spring Training game won't be televised. That's the game they face UW Milwaukee. It just seems like that would be kind of neat to see and have some special relevance in Milwaukee. But the broadcast is listed as NA, so perhaps things will change between now and then.

This spring the Brewers will be televising 12 games this year. In addition to the teams mentioned above, opponents for their televised games are: Reds, Cubs, Athletics, Padres, Giants, and the Indians.

If radio is your thing, then rejoice! All but one televised game will also be broadcast on the radio. In addition to that, there will be 5 games exclusively broadcast on radio.

You can also view certain games on if you have an account. That includes 11 games that are exclusively provided by the service. But really, who wants to get an account for one month just to watch Spring Training games...Oh yeah, I did that last year.

If you are really like, there's still time to change your life decisions! But otherwise, I suggest waiting to get a sub to watch those Spring Training games on I'm pretty sure last year they had a super reasonable ST rate of $5 for the month. That seems worth it to me if you're going to have the time and desire.