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Brew Crew Blasts Bonus: Tracking the Shortest

This series discusses the longest home runs of 2015, but what were the shortest of the year? Let's take a look.

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

While we're talking about the longest home runs of 2014 in this series, what about the home runs that didn't go as far? Every season, there are home runs that don't travel as far as the others, yet still leave the park because they were hit in the right place, or the conditions were just right, or others factors came together to get it out of the park. Here are the shortest home runs from the 2014 season.

#3: Ryan Braun, July 22 vs. Cincinnati Reds

The Brewers scored four home runs in this game, all solo shots. Two of them were by Jonathan Lucroy, with one being a game winner. However, the scoring in the game started out with this solo home run from Ryan Braun. It was an opposite field shot that just got over the fence, measuring at 354 feet. The wind and temperature on that day gave it a little extra to help get it out of the park. However, it was not the shortest home run he hit in 2014.

#2: Matt Clark, September 10 vs. Miami Marlins

During his September call-up, Matt Clark hit three home runs, and his performance caught the attention of many Brewers fans. This home run was the first of the three, and it was a shot that barely cleared the Miller Park fence, traveling 351 feet. It was the shortest home run hit at Miller Park in 2014.

#1: Ryan Braun, May 19 @ Atlanta Braves

The shortest home run hit by a Brewer this year came on the road at Turner Field, and is Ryan Braun's second entry on this list. In total, Braun hit 12 home runs under 400 feet in 2014, and this was the shortest of them. It was another solo shot, and this one barely cleared the right-field fence at 345 feet. Oddly enough, it would have been a home run in 21 MLB parks on that day.

All stats from ESPN Home Run Tracker