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The Most Active Brew Crew Ballers of 2014

The top commenters and fan posters of Brew Crew Ball over the past year!

One of nullacct's stunning contributions
One of nullacct's stunning contributions

This morning, the good folks at SB Nation sent over our 2014 community stats and this year saw a new Top Commenter! Congrats to aaronetc, who toppled Yar Nivek as the reigning king of the comments section! Yar and nullacct rounded out the top three:

Rank Person # of comments in 2014 2013 rank
1 aaronetc 5,229 4
2 Yar NIvek 4,783 1
3 nullacct 4,639 2
4 icelandreliant 3,286 -
5 eddiemathews 2,935 -
6 Ted Simmons Speed Camp 2,655 10
7 drezdn 2,558 9
8 TwoShoesMcGooze 2,456 -
9 GoldenFrank 2,056 -
10 A-S-O 1,973 -

But aaronetc didn't just end his contributions with comments! Bolstered by running the fantasy football league these past few months, he also led the site with 16 fanposts over the past year! Second was nullacct, with 14 fantastic fanposts that, really, I consider must-reads. jake.eistein was right behind in third, with 13 fanposts in 2014.

This site is special to me for a lot of reasons, and the community is perhaps the biggest of those. BCB wouldn't be the same without Yar NIvek's Meme List and everyone who ended up inadvertently adding to that, without nulllacct's photoshops and commentary, without Ted Simmons' novellas and hater's guides, without Mr Leam not realizing this is a baseball site, without any of you. I'm constantly on BCB because it's fun to be on BCB, and that's because of y'all.

So a huge, heartfelt community to everyone who has made even one comment or one fanpost. I'm looking forward to 2015 and to aaronetc: I'm gunning for your top spot.