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Brewers fall to Padres in finale: MIL 1, SDP 3

This was the final road game of the 2015 season for the Brewers.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Brewers Starting Pitcher: Taylor Jungmann
Opponent Starting Pitcher: Ian Kennedy

Winning Pitcher: Ian Kennedy
Losing Pitcher: Taylor Jungmann

SV: Craig Kimbrel (39)

HR: Yangervis Solarte (14), Shane Peterson (2)

FanGraphs' WPA Chart

Taylor Jungmann took the league by storm early on after his first major league call-up. In more recent starts though he's had real trouble with his command. This was a common problem for him throughout the minors. Today's start was another example of this but hopefully it's just another step in his development.

He stranded the bases loaded in the first innings. Then he got lucky by doubling off a man at second who got caught too far off the base on a weak line out. But he still allowed two bases runners that inning. He threw 52 pitches in just the first two innings but he did manage to keep the Padres from scoring with some help from his defense.

Defense couldn't help Jungmann in the third inning. Command continued to plague him and the first batter drew a walk. Still battling his command he was forced to come in on the next batter after getting to a 3-1 count. Yangervis Solarte was ready for it and sent it over the right field fence for a two-run homer.

Jungmann would be pulled after walking the first batter in the fourth inning. We shouldn't be discouraged though. All things considered this is still a pretty good rookie season for him. He ends with 119.1 IP at the major league level with a 3.77 ERA and a 3.93 FIP. That's not bad at all especially for a pitching prospect many had written off before the season even began.

The Brewers offense had a lot of problems in this game. Shane Peterson did hit an impressive solo home run to keep the Padres from getting a shutout. But there wasn't much else going on. They actually outhit the Padres 7 to 6 but Brewers hitters also combined for an ugly 16 strike outs and 0 walks.

In the end the Brewers would lose by a score of 3-1. That drops their season record to 68-91 with three games left in the season.

Next Game:

Friday October 2, 7:10 pm CST: Ariel Pena vs Jake Arrieta