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Introducing the newest members of the Brew Crew Ball staff!

We're very excited to bring on board both Travis Sarandos and Kyle Lesniewski.

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

A short while ago I announced that we at Brew Crew Ball would be adding a couple of new writers to the staff. I'm happy to announce that we've found two talented people to add to the team. Before I introduce them I just wanted to thank everyone who expressed interest. I'm sorry I could bring all of you in. There were too many of you to respond to individually so I just wanted to publicly thank all of you.

For future reference to anyone that might be interested in writing for us I strongly recommend you try to have some writing samples available somewhere on the internet. Because there were so many candidates I had to only consider those whose work I could see for myself. Writing a Fan Post on an SB Nation site like BCB is a great way of doing something like that and the user interface is pretty much what we use to write our articles.

Now to the matter at hand. I've chose two writers to join our staff. Travis Sarandos has been a contributor to Baseball Prospectus - Milwaukee as well as writing pieces for his own blog. He's a talented writer and I'm happy to bring him on. Kyle Lesniewski is a talented writer as well. He was previously a writer for Reviewing the Brew and we're lucky to have him here at BCB now.

You can look forward to seeing what they have to offer later this week. Possibly even later today if we can get things ready in time. I hope you enjoy reading what they have to offer and I hope you'll give them a warm welcome.

Again thank you to everyone that applied. There were more talented people than there were available spots and for that I'm sorry. If you didn't make the cut this time please don't feel discouraged. There will always be another chance in the future.