Milwaukee’s Optional Value In Exchange

We can’t compete with the talent we have right now and we shouldn’t be afraid to move players to build our base for that championship season of the future. Every time we win a game from the Cardinals the empire strikes back with two of their own. But free agency isn’t the only answer for improving, trades are an option - sometimes a couple guys trading places can benefit both teams.

Guys like Sunday (Santana) are a good start, but the rest of the usual suspects aren’t going to cut it. We need to turn this roster inside out. We need to stop focusing on gritty veterans and get back to the future. The sting of being kicked around by the Cards, Cubs, and Pirates needs to end. There’s a few guys who are untouchables but the rest are, frankly, expendables.

When it came to reeling in that elusive talent for the game, Doug Melvin was the fisher king when he casted his net into the pool of mystery men. He seemed to have a sixth sense about guys who were discarded and had hidden value. Some of the guys he spirited away from the waiver wire abyss like John Axford ended up paying big dividends.

Let’s get specific. Garza was supposed to be the big fish of the rotation but has a contract he hasn’t fulfilled the terms of. Endearment to the fans is also not his strong suit. He should be moved in the offseason even if it means eating some salary, and I would swap him for a risk and reward guy like Seth Rosin. He’s a 6’6 kid from Fargo who needs a patient team to develop with (not Philadelphia).

Braun is Braun, and he won’t move. He’s the guy who will be here forever, one last memento from our previous surge to the playoffs. But the distinguished gentleman in left field is available. Khris Davis is a power bat in left field, something lacking for the Angels in the outfield (if they lose Shane Victorino to FA). I’d be happy to take Mike Morin off their idle hands.

Next up is Will Smith. While Smith is effective, he’s also been overworked. They keep throwing him out there until he’s falling down exhausted. The Nationals could definitely use him and if Mr. Smith goes to Washington we could get a pitching prospect and/or international slot money in exchange.

So when the season ends, maybe the new GM should assemble a few good men from the office and spend a weekend at Bernie’s Chalet figuring out exactly who stays, who goes (all the platoon players) how to get from here to infinity, what’s the game plan, etc. Hopefully they can take the faithful to a place where no fan has gone before: A Brewer World Series victory.