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Milwaukee Brewers Host Town Hall Meeting

If he ran in the sausage race, new GM David Stearns says he would run as Chorizo.

David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

Last night, the Milwaukee Brewers held a "Town Hall Meeting" for season ticket holders and VIPs. Manager Craig Counsell and new General Manager David Stearns took the stage at Miller Park (Hank could not attend, unfortunately) for about an hour and a half, where they were asked a series of questions about the Brewers and their future. Fans could have submitted their questions via Instagram of Twitter using #InsideTheBrewers, and of course the fans at the actual event got to line up and ask questions, as well. I had a chance to attend the event (which streamed live on and was tweeting throughout the night, so for those who missed it here are the highlights of last night's town hall: