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World Series Game 4: Game Thread

The Mets won last night so now they just trail the Royals by a game.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Well lucky for my "Mets in 6" prediction, New York was able to get the win last night and in commanding fashion. Tonight they go to Game 4 trailing 2-1 in the series with a chance to tie the Royals. Stephen Matz will pitch for the Mets tonight. The Royals have never faced him before. The Mets on the other hand have faced Royals starter Chris Young. How will that play into things tonight I wonder?

It's Halloween so I'm going to be gone all day which means I won't have the lineups for you. Sorry. Maybe someone can drop it in the comment section. Have fun tonight and be safe if you're going out and doing stuff. Designate a driver or just pony up for a cab tonight. There are going to be tons of people out. Happy Halloween!