Who is the next Suppan, Lohse, Garza?

Mark in chatting from the seats, on the broadcast, yesterday said something that scares me and also I like. He brought up the Brewers may be in the free agent market. HE brought it up. And HE actually answered, unprompted, any naysayers to that agenda. He is looking for a signing that can be here, helping, in four or five years.

He also said he liked that his new GM was a listener. (to what Mark wants?)

So, one can see from a couple sentences the off season agenda. It is just a continuation of what Mark has done over the past years. Now, there are no 29 year old position player free agents that I see that can help in four or five years. Surely Mark will not sign a 33 year old position player to carry the team when the player is 38.

So, certainly, Mark will be pushing to sign some pitcher for five years. I can be on board with this, but only if it is a top, top tier starter.

Maybe there some position player Mark may sign. Is there some 28 or 29 year old catcher or first baseman or third base masher?

Note: being out of market, and able to watch the last three Brewer games on MLB.TV showed me a lot. The Brewers seem a nice bunch of 'average' players. v the Cubs who seem a nice bunch of 'above average' players. It seems at every position from top to bottom the Cubs are better. How the heck do you improve your team in 25 positions. We are not one or two players away. It seems to me we are 25 players away. Caveat: our bullpen looks useful. So maybe we are only after an upgrade in 18 positions. Ouch

Also: why would Mark spend, say $20 mill, on a top tier pitcher who is wasted next year. Say you go 5 years $100 mill. Maybe you are better off sucking it up for a year. Save the $20 mill, and the next year go 4 years $100 mill and get a better pitcher. It does seem Mark wants to spend all his fan money every year. Maybe the new GM would want to go 'unders' payroll, next year, so he can go 'overs' the following.