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What We Learned: The David Stearns era officially begins

It's the first day officially on the job for GM David Stearns. We discuss some of his first decisions and more in today's What We Learned.

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Yesterday's Results

Cubs 6, Brewers 1

Jake Arrieta made his final case for the Cy Young award with a dominating performance on Friday. He pitched six scoreless innings, allowing just two hits and striking out seven. He could have gone longer, but the Cubs had him on a pitch count so he came out after the sixth inning. Meanwhile, Ariel Pena's day didn't go as well, as he allowed four runs on five hits and two walks, though he did have six strikeouts. The only Brewers offense came from a Khris Davis solo home run in the seventh inning.

Cubs 1, Brewers 0

After two rough starts to begin his MLB career, Tyler Wagner had a good one to finish up his 2015 season. He allowed just one run in six innings, and worked around seven hits and two walks. However, he got no support as the Brewers offense managed just two hits and one walk against Cubs starter Kyle Hendricks and the Cubs bullpen.

Cubs 3, Brewers 1

The Brewers season came to an end with a whimper on Sunday afternoon. Jorge Lopez did ok, allowing three runs in five innings, but the Brewers offense was held in check again. Shane Peterson drove in a row on an RBI double, but that was all the Brewers could put together. Dan Haren held the Brewers to one run, three hits, and a walk, and the Cubs bullpen only allowed one walk over the final three innings.

Brewers News & Notes
NL Central Update
Team W L
Cardinals 100 62
Pirates 98 64
Cubs 97 65
Brewers 68 94
Reds 64 98
  • Cardinals @ Braves
    Friday: Braves 4, Cardinals 0
    Saturday: Braves 6, Cardinals 0
    Sunday: Braves 2, Cardinals 0
  • Reds @ Pirates
    Friday: Pirates 6, Reds 4
    Saturday: Reds 3, Pirates 1
    Sunday: Pirates 4, Reds 0
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