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*Update: Changes to the coaching staff likely

There were rumors earlier this season that Pat Murphy might eventually join Craig Counsell in Milwaukee. That could be made true this week.

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When the Brewers made the rash decision to fire Ron Roenicke a month into the season they left Craig Counsell in a bit of a tough spot. He really didn't have the ability to put in place his own coaching staff. The season was already underway and anyone he might have wanted for the job was likely already employed either at the minor or major league level. Now that the season is over it will become easier for him to make those staffing decisions possible.

Adam McCalvy reported on Twitter that such a change could be made as soon as this week:

Yesterday the Brewers announced Craig Counsell and new GM David Stearns would be holding a press conference on Thursday morning. Presumably this is when those changes to the coaching staff will first be made. At this time it's unknown if they'll just be announcing firings or if they'll also be announcing replacements.

I won't hazard a guess as to who among the coaching staff will be let go but after this season and at the start of a rebuild it's likely that anyone and everyone is on the hot seat. There might be something to glean from the earlier reports that Counsell wanted Pat Murphy to join the coaching staff.

The Brewers interest was never made official and the Padres eventually promoted Murphy to interim manager. However after the season ended they announced he would not be returning as manager next year. This likely signals the end of their ties with him.

There are other managerial positions Murphy could interview for but the common thought since those earlier reports surfaced is that he would be joining Craig Counsell in Milwaukee next year. If that comes to pass I imagine he'll serve the role of bench coach. That role is currently held by Jerry Narron. It's a complete hunch on my part but I suspect his time is up in Milwaukee.

I'm not sure what the actual impact coaches can have on players but I do believe it's not zero. That being said I have no way of judging a coach's worth or measuring his impact. I have read good things about Pat Murphy though. So I imagine his addition to a new Brewers coaching staff would be a positive. We should learn more as the week goes on.


It appears Ed Sedar has some racy photos of someone high up in the Brewers organization to never be on the chopping block. I swear it seems every other week he's sending someone home that he shouldn't. But whatever.