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How do you feel about this season?

Angry, mad, sad, glad? How do you feel after the Brewers season has concluded?

David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

There was plenty to complain about this year. The Brewers finished with one of the worst records in franchise history. We can talk about the farm system and the future hopes being bright, and they are. But when it comes right down to it, this season sucked to watch.

A lot of the games this year just weren't competitive. I don't mean to suggest the Brewers weren't trying to compete and to win. Of course they were. Anyone that tries to suggest a major league player doesn't try is being melodramatic. I just mean to say that most games were over in by the fifth inning. The Brewers only won 1 game where they were trailing after the 8th inning!

While all of that is true as a person who closely follows the minor leagues I can't help but feel encouraged by this year too. It's a strange dichotomy. Most of the Brewers top prospects did very well for themselves--Orlando Arcia, Jorge Lopez, Michael Reed, Kodi Medeiros, Devin Williams, Gilbert Lara, etc. The draft went really well with Trent Clark, Cody Ponce, and Demi Orimoloye really standing out.

The two silver linings to such a poor season are the trades and next year's draft position that resulted from it. The Brewers brought in Brett Phillips, Domingo Santana, Zach Davies, and Josh Hader among others. It was a really great haul. And then to top everything off they get the fifth pick in next year's draft.

So there is good and bad and no one way to feel about it all. In general I think the good outweighs the bad. The Brewers probably needed a season like this to force them to make a more concerted effort to rebuild. And when I write "the Brewers" what I really mean is "Mark Attanasio."

So what do you think? Are you happy with how things worked out? Still pissed at how poorly the major league team played? Indifferent? Vote in the poll and let your voice be heard in the comments!