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Discussion Thread: Gold Glove Awards and BBWAA Finalists Announced

The Gold Glove awards will be handed out tonight at six pm and the BBWAA will announce the finalists for awards like MVP and Cy Young at five pm with a rebroadcast at seven pm.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight awards season kicks off. First up the Gold Glove awards will be announced. ESPN2 will be airing the program starting at 6 pm. Then right after that the BBWAA announce the finalists for Cy Young, MVP, etc awards. That will air on MLB Network starting at 5 pm with a rebroadcast at 7 pm. The winners of those awards will be announced next week on Mon-Thur.

It's unfortunate but I suspect there won't be any Brewers up for awards this evening. Though Baseball Reference did tweet this out earlier today:

Clearly Adam Lind has no chance of winning nor should he. However it does go to show that the numbers--at least this year--back up the eye test. Because he sure looked like he could play some first base to me this year despite what I had heard about him.

It might surprise you to learn the only other Brewer that finished in the top ten at a position was Martin Maldonado:

It's not exactly surprising that the Brewers only had two players finish in the top ten defensively at their position. But if I told you on Opening Day it would be Adam Lind and Martin Maldonado you might have laughed at me.