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BCB Mailbag #6: I'm Batman

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Infield Fly Rule mused, "Wonder if the Giants could be motivated to move Andrew Susac. Seems like he's a luxury (albeit a very inexpensive one at the moment) when you already have Posey."

Buster Posey is pretty good defensively at catcher but part of me believes strongly he'll eventually move to first base. He's already playing a significant amount there. Out of the 140 games he played he started 103 at catcher and 37 at first base. So if I'm the Giants I want to hold onto Susac since I'm already looking for around 60 games from my back-up catcher.

Brew Angel has a movie question: "Since we're just past Halloween, and I have a habit of watching old horror movies (and lamentably, non-Brewers baseball) during the month of October: When they're groping about in the kitchen for a weapon, why do people in horror movies always grab the chef's knife? Yeah, it's the biggest knife in the knife block, but it's not balanced and it's used for chopping vegetables. Unless the villain is going to lay their hand out nicely on a cutting board for you, you're much better off grabbing something with some balance, a good edge, and a sharper point. Like a carving knife or slicer."

It's about the intimidation factor. Typically these are normal people in an extraordinary situation. They don't believe they have the capability to defend themselves against a seasoned foe. So they hope the look of the knife will scare him/her/it away. Fear is the mind killer after all.

AKBrewerfan asks, "Derek, you mentioned in the discussion thread that you read a lot during the offseason, so:
what are you reading?"

I actually have read anything recently. Been catching up on a lot of TV that I had stockpiled on my DVR. And I bought a bunch of games during the end of summer Humble Bundle sale so I've been gaming a lot. Though I think the next book I read will be "Of Human Bondage." Years ago a friend recommended "Razor's Edge" to me and thoroughly enjoyed it. One day I was at a thrift store in Madison and I saw like 10 W. Somerset Maughm books so I bought them all. "Of Human Bondage" was one of them. It's supposed to be his masterpiece and I always mean to get around to reading it. This winter I'm finally going to.

Drezdn asks, "What's your favorite memory as a Brewers fan?"

For me (Derek) it's Game 5 of the 2011 NLDS. I was there with my parents. We were sitting in a spot where I knew I couldn't see right field at all and center field was going to be obscured by all the people jumping around and waving their white promotional towels. At the end of the game when Nyjer Morgan was at the plate I found this pocket of visibility through the sea of humanity around me. I could just see home plate and third base. So that's what I focused on. Morgan hit the ball and everyone else was struggling to see where it went and how it was fielded. I just stared at third base. When I saw Gomez round it I knew we had won. The roar of the crowd and the blue and gold streamers came seconds afterwards. I could literally feel Miller Park vibrating beneath my feet from all the people jumping around. The best part was I got to share that moment with my parents. My mom was the one that got me into baseball in the first place so that was cool.

"Well it's Game 5 easily. I'll never forget walking down the ramps a full hour after the game ended, and it was so loud that Nyjer's hit could have happened seconds ago. That was incredible. If that's too obvious, then Braun's walk-off grand slam in extras against the Pirates in that last week of 2008 was my second favorite in-person Brewers experience." - Travis

"I was also at Game 5, I remember hanging out the window driving down national avenue afterwards just yelling. Also, Bill Hall's Mother's Day walk off and the Daron Sutton call might be my favorite home home run call ever." -Kyle

Mr. Leam asked a bunch of question but I'll go with this one, "Jimmy Nelson experimented a bit this season with a new curveball grip and spoke about getting more comfortable with his curveball. Do you think he was perhaps trying too many changes last season or will this have proven a useful learning experience? Or both? What are your expectations for him next season?"

I don't think he tried too many changes but in addition to the curveball he did tried to dial back his velocity to help with his command. I think both were useful learning experiences. That curveball though is a legit plus pitch. This is living the dream as a baseball fan. Adding a plus pitch to a pitcher's repertoire out of nowhere like this just doesn't happen often. It's raised his profile by at least a half grade and probably more. His ceiling went from solid innings eating mid-rotation starter to front line number two. But keep in mind that's his ceiling. He still has yet to reach that but we saw glimpses of it throughout the season. I think there is real breakout potential for him next season and it's one of the things I'm most looking forward to.

Drezdn asks, "Do you have signatures turned on? What's the best Star Trek?"

I'm not sure what you mean by signatures turned on. I haven't changed any of the blog settings since Noah left so if they were on before they're still on. If you mean something else let me know in the comments. As for best Star Trek, my personal favorite is "The Next Generation." If you mean movie I think it's a tie between "The Journey Home" and "The Undiscovered Country." I was mostly let down by the TNG movies except for "First Contact."

Yar Nivek asks, "The Joker is the quintessential Batman villain. But aside from him, who is your favorite Batman baddie?"

To be honest the majority of my knowledge about Batman comes from "Batman: The Animated Series." I always loved Clayface. I remember reading a novelized version of Batman's first encounter with Bain. I've loved the character ever since and the movies just can't seem to get him right which is super frustrating.

But you know who the greatest Batman villain is? Alfred. He's a monster. If my ward came to me one day and said he wanted to dress like a bat and fight clowns I'd have sought professional help. Instead Pennyworth just fed the delusions of grandeur and as a result put lives at risk. Seriously, if Batman hadn't been there to "stop" Joker the GCP would have eventually gunned him down saving lives. It's not like Joker is subtle or hard to find. Instead he's always prepackaged and ready to be sent back to Arkham where he's just going to escape and murder dozens of innocent people again.

From Twitter:

I'm really not sure. I do think there are quite a lot of people that don't understand the benefits of a rebuild and a lot of others that simply don't have the patience. But those people will jump back on board when the Brewers are good again so I try not to worry too much about them. I'd rather have those fans at some ballgames than no ballgames.

In the short term I think they might go get someone from free agency. I'm not convinced they'll go after a guy like David Freese who will require a multi-year commitment. But I could see them getting a guy like Juan Uribe or maybe Gordon Beckham. I could also see them just as easily give the job to some combination of Elian Herrera, Luis Sardinas, and Yadiel Rivera.

Long term I see them trading for a player. I suppose that could be short term too depending on what time frame we're talking about. They do have shortstop Gilbert Lara who I think will likely move to third base. But he is probably close to 5 years away. They'll need to figure out what to do in the interim and I think that will be a trade.

I'm interested to see what Domingo Santana can do with a full season. Statistically it looked like he improved last year but minor league stats can be misleading. Ultimately I think he has a similar offensive ceiling to Khris Davis. But his defense is much better. I always say Yoenis Cespedes is Khris Davis with a better throwing arm so I think he makes for a somewhat decent comp for Santana. That's the ceiling with him though and they are different players. Cespedes doesn't strike out like Santana, but Santana draws more walks. It's the strikeouts that are concerning though. He could legit strike out over 30% of the time. If he can't improve on that he won't hit his ceiling.

I think we'll see Orlando Arica at some point next year. I just don't know how long the Brewers want to hold him down to preserve service time and team control. I suspect we'll see him by mid-season though. He's their top prospect and could be a lot of fun to watch if he has a smooth transition to MLB.

Jorge Lopez will probably make some starts next year. He's the Brewers top pitching prospect. He took some steps forward in 2015 and it's important he continues doing so. His change-up still needs work. If he can't develop it into a major league average pitch it's what will hold him back from being a solid mid-rotation guy. But if he can develop it he has a chance to better than Jungmann.

I think we won't see Brett Phillips next year. Or if we do it won't be until September. The same goes for Josh Hader. Neither has to be put on the 40-man roster until next year. So I think they'll treat them similar to the way they handled Lopez and Michael Reed this year.


Okay that's it for this week. Make sure to leave your questions in the comments here or on Facebook. You can also tweet your questions in. We'll be back next week with more.