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Suggestions for SB Nation MLB Awards needed

This week the whole baseball network at SB Nation is holding a community poll. We want your suggestions for several categories.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Hey folks. Earlier today I put up the poll for the best hitter in all of baseball for 2015. I've got one all set for tomorrow when we'll vote for baseball's best pitcher. But the polls for the rest of the week regard subject matter that is far more subjective. I was able to come up with some criteria I felt was pretty solid for the hitters and pitchers but that's not the case with the next three awards. Therefore I wanted to ask for your opinions.

The final three polls of the week are:

  • Best BREWERS defensive play
  • Best BREWERS bat flip/celebration
  • Best MLB breakage of unwritten rules

If you have a suggestion for any of those categories please them in the comments. I already have a couple of options for best defensive play and celebration. It's helpful if suggestions have video linked but it's not required. I will include a selection from among the best in the official poll. We'll be voting on the defensive play on Wednesday. Thursday is the bat/flip celebration. And we'll end the week with a vote for the best breakage of unwritten rules.

Thanks for your help and cooperation. We're hoping this will be a fun exercise for everyone so hopefully we can come up with some great options together.