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SB Nation Awards Poll: Brewers best bat flip/celebration

Continuing and completing the Brewers portion of the awards we vote for the best Brewers bat flip or celebration of the season.

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So far this week we've voted for baseball's best hitter and pitcher. Then we narrowed the scoop to the Brewers to identify their best defensive play. Now we get a little more subjective as we vote for the Brewers best bat flip or celebration.

I'm going to be honest with you. It wasn't easy finding a lot of celebratory moments. And despite the bad rap the Brewers get there really weren't a ton of bat flip instances to choose from. It's not like they're the Pirates or anything. I did my best and I think I've found some pretty great moments in the sea of despair that was the Brewers 2015 season. Okay so maybe that's hyperbole. I mean it's not like Yuniesky Betancourt played first base for the majority of the year. When you look at it that way this season was downright rosy.

1 Martin Maldonado's walk-off blast

Seventeen innings is a long time for a baseball game to go. So it's no wonder the Brewers were pumped with Martin Maldonado's walk-off home run. In a season without a lot of highlights this was definitely one to remember and it spawned a pretty great photo opportunity as well:

2 Davis' go-ahead two-run blast

If you're a long time reader of the site you'll know how much we love Khris Davis and so it shouldn't surprise you to see him on this list. This is one of the home runs I remember best because you don't often see Khris Davis get very animated. He has a business like approach at the plate and on the bases. So when you see him jump on home plate and do a sort of fist pump it's pretty cool to see. Bonus points for beating the Cardinals. Hilarity points for hitting it off Jonathan Broxton.

3 Braun passes Yount (All-Time Brewers HR Record)

Love him or hate him Ryan Braun is one of the Brewers all-time great performers. By passing Robin Yount for the franchise lead in home runs and with at least 5 years left to play he's certainly secured his place in Brewers history.

4 Davis' eventful homer

If you're a long time reader of the site you'll know how much we love Khris Davis and so it shouldn't surprise you to see him on this list...twice. Seriously though I didn't go into this with that intention. It was hard enough to find memorable moments and I think both of his are worthy additions.

This particular moment was one of the more dramatic ones of the season. This video does a pretty nice job of summing up the entire incident. But it doesn't do justice to how long the whole thing took. I remember waiting for the longest time before the umpires even decided the course of action. Then when they called Davis out I was irate, mostly because no one had any idea what the heck was going on. Then the review took forever. They eventually ruled in his favor and that felt like vindication. But then Davis homered again and that was bliss.


Sorry I couldn't find more options. But the four here I think are all pretty great. And that's why I love baseball. This was a pretty terrible season for the Brewers. Probably an all-time worst as far as season record is concerned. But despite that I can watch those video and still smile and fall in love with the Brewers all over again.

Log your votes in early as we're closing all polls at midnight on Sunday. And as always let us know your vote and your thoughts in the comment section.