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AFL Stars Roster Announced, Yadiel Rivera on Final Vote

The Arizona Fall League version of the All-Star game is this Saturday and you can watch it on television.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

In many ways the Arizona Fall League hosts 6 All-Star teams already. Each of the league's six teams is made up of high level prospects from 5 different teams--though the position players are usually of a better class than the pitching. This Saturday however they will be having an actual All-Star game. It's called the Fall Stars Game.

The Brewers prospects were sent to the Surprise Saguaros. They'll be a part of the "West" division. You can find that full roster here. The Brewers prospects selected to be a part of the West Division Fall Stars team are: (P) Jacob Barnes, (P) Damien Magnifico, and (OF) Michael Reed. Yadiel Rivera is one of three choices in the "Final Vote."

I've looked and for the life of my cannot find any information on this "Final Vote." I assume it's a fan participation thing but there is nothing on their main site about it. I haven't seen any links tweeted. Maybe it's something for fans in attendance like the old All-Star ballots used to be.

UPDATE: I found the "Final Vote" site. You can log your vote up until 1 pm CST on Wednesday.

Those of you paying attention to the AFL this year might be somewhat puzzled. Why wouldn't Brett Phillips be chosen to play? I'm not sure if it's been made official yet but it's my understanding he will be part of Team USA (h/t Jim Goulart) articipating in the new Premier 12 tournament. It's a world tournament not dissimilar from the World Baseball Classic. This is the first year for the tournament and I for one am very excited to follow it. Hopefully it'll be on TV.

If you're wondering why not Adrian Houser or Josh Hader, I don't have a good answer for you. Perhaps the Brewers have them on some kind of innings limit? Maybe these guys are scheduled to pitch in one of the games right before the Fall Stars game and therefore won't be available.

You can get caught up on all the Brewers AFL participants with this article by Travis from this morning. Nathan Orf and Yadiel Rivera are both on fire. It's a shame that it's possible neither will participate in the Fall Stars game but that's just how it works sometimes. I will be looking forward to seeing more of Michael Reed. He might not necessarily be one of the Brewers most exciting prospects or have the highest ceiling among their Top 10 prospects but he's one of my favorite follows.

The game itself will take place on Saturday, November 7. Start time is 7 pm CST. You'll be able to watch the game on MLB Network and streaming on It's too bad they don't stream regular AFL games. I'd pay an additional charge for to watch those games. But that's another conversation.