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SB Nation Awards Poll: Best breakage of unwritten rules

Rules are made to be broken. Which was the best example from this year.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Well, I didn't make up the categories. Let me start there. Today we vote on the most subjective category: Best breakage of unwritten rules. Just rolls of the tongue don't you think? This was really hard for me because I don't pay attention to that sort of thing. I mean most people don't even know what an unwritten rule is until someone breaks it and another person throws a hissy fit. If you ask me there is no such thing as an unwritten rule. It's just a smokescreen for poor sports to hide behind when they pout about something.

1. Papelbon vs Harper

Apparently this is breaking some unwritten rule. Personally I thought it was breaking an actual law. I'd call it assault but we're talking about a sport where it's deemed okay to throw a hard object 98 mph into someone's ribs so...

2. Lawrie vs the Royals (sorry no video)

Speaking of assaulting other players. This was a huge to do early in the season and spanned multiple games. Lawrie spiked Alcides Escobar. Then he texted an apology but it was to a wrong number. Then Yordano Ventura drilled Lawrie the next day. Then the day after that Lorenzo Cain got nicked on the foot so Kelvin Herrera tried to drill Lawrie but missed behind him. Afterwards he pointed to his head which he says meant Lawrie should use his head but Lawrie thought meant next time the ball was coming for Lawries head. Then Lawrie made fun of Royals fans. Then Lawrie said Albert Pujols said the Royals were bush league, but it was a misquote. And if I replaced all these names with high schoolers you know you would totally believe me and think they were dumb kids that needed to just chill the cuss out.

3. Bautista's postseason bat flip

There's a lot of back story to this one. Earlier in that inning one of the most bizarre things I've ever seen in a game happened. With a batter at the plate Blue Jays catcher Russell Martin was simply throwing the baseball back to the pitcher after he had throw a pitch. The ball hit the batters helmet and trickled into foul territory. The runner at third advanced to home and after a long deliberation it was rule he scored and the Rangers took a 3-2 lead. The fans in Toronto went insane throwing trash on the field, some of which just ended up pelting fans in the lower sections. It was nuts. Then comes Bautista to the plate to put the Blue Jays back on top. It was a highly charged moment and you can feel all of it in Bautista's bat flip.