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Brewers trade Luis Sardinas to Mariners

Slingin' Stearns is at it again with his third trade in as many days.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

So here's a real thing I said to the BCB staff last night, "I was going to save a trade asset series until closer to the Winter Meetings but seeing as how David Stearns is a trade fiend we should probably try to get ahead of the next one (if it's not already too late). Well it's too late! With his third trade in as many days David Stearns is sending Luis Sardinas to the Mariners. The trade return is not yet known and neither club has officially announced the deal. More information as it surfaces.

The Brewers originally acquire Luis Sardinas less than a year ago in the deal that sent Yovani Gallardo to the Rangers. He spent part of the season at AAA and part of the season on the Brewers bench. He was once highly thought of but his bat never developed as expected. Still his defense at both middle infield positions is top notch. With yesterday's acquisition of Jonathan Villar though the Brewers had a surplus of players capable of handling shortstop and second base.

At this time we only have these tweets to go on:


I'm not sure if he means there are more players going both ways or if he just means he doesn't know what the Mariners are sending to the Brewers for Luis Sardinas. We will update this page with more information the moment we get it. So keep checking back. I'll also leave a comment in the comment section letting you know what the update is if you're in here while it updates.

UPDATE: So right after I hit publish Ken Rosenthal tweeted this:

I think it's now safe to assume the Brewers side of the trade is just Luis Sardinas. Furthermore we can infer that the return is a player not on the Mariners 40-man roster and not someone getting put on the Brewers 40-man roster. As Luis Sardinas is probably less valuable than Jonathan Villar we can probably assume the return will be less valuable than Cy Sneed. What exactly that means I'm not sure yet.

Another tweet coming in:

So that confirms the assumption from above.


And there you go. As soon as I hit publish on the first update Rosenthal reports the player the Brewers are getting is Ramon Flores.

Ramon Flores is a left handed outfielder. He was a Yankees prospect until the trade for Dustin Ackely. In their preseason list FanGraphs ranked him 19th among Yankees prospects giving him a 40+ grade. They say he's quickly reached his ceiling but there isn't much left in him. He has a good approach at the plate but limited power. He can play all three outfield spots and could be a quality fourth outfielder. He did suffer a broken ankle in August. No word on his recovery timetable. It does appear as though Flores will have to be put on the 40-man roster as he was on Seattle's. That leaves the 40-man roster at 35 with the Rule 5 protection deadline tonight at 11:59 pm ET.