Players left off the 40-man roster

I will start this text by listing some of the players mentioned in an article that were not (yet?) added to the 40-man roster.

  • Jorge Ortega, 21, RH starting pitcher
  • Brent Suter, 26, LH starting pitcher
  • Wei-Chung Wang, 23, LH starting pitcher
  • Victor Roache, 24, left fielder
Okay, let's start with Victor Roache. I get it why Stearns doesn't feel the need of adding him to the roster. He batted only .253 combined between A(Adv.) and AA which doesn't make him all that attractive.

But then there is Brent Suter, who pitched to a combined 2.36 ERA at AA and AAA. He is "already" 26, but why not add him? He put up some very nice numbers.

And Jorge Ortega, known for his good command, also had a great year, he posted a 2.45 ERA and finished the season at AAA. I do see that he spent most of the season at A(Adv.), but if experts (and Adam McCalvy ;) ) say that he has great command, that sounds more like a pitcher who might ascend through the system rather quickly.

Then there is Wei-Chung Wang. He was able to rebound with a stellar second half and also finished the season at AAA. I get why he was left off, in part because he really had a bad first half and that might play into a teams decision of whether or not they want to take a flyer on him like the Brewers did two years ago.

Of course I know there are only two more spots on the roster and we can't place every player on it, but I would think that at least one more spot will become available since there is a high probability that Adam Lind will be traded, which would clear a spot. As much as I understand why we don't want to fill up the 40-man roster now, I would like to see Ortega being added as he might be one of the better pitching prospects in the organization, and, you can never have enough starting pitching depth.