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What are you thankful for Brewers fans?

We give thanks and ask you to tell us what it is you're thankful for.

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Happy Thanksgiving to all who choose to celebrate the holiday. To everyone else congratulations on surviving the week so far. Tomorrow is Friday and then it's the weekend. You're so close. Anyway, as is the tradition we like to say what we're thankful for this year. So I'll start.

I'm thankful for Bruce Seid's last draft class. I'm really excited by the upside of Monte Harrison. He struggled a bit at low-A but it was an aggressive assignment and his struggles weren't altogether unexpected. When the advanced rookie league started up he went there and really started turning it on until he broke his ankle. Hopefully he'll make a quick and full recovery. I'm also very excited by the season Kodi Medieros had.

He too was aggressively assigned to low-A but he had a very successful season there. He induced an absurd amount of groundballs, struck out 23.5% of batters faced, and didn't allow a single home run in 93 innings. I'll repeat: Didn't allow a single home run in 93 innings! Don't get hung up on his 4.44 ERA. His 2.96 FIP is good deal better. And the fact that he was able to put up some pretty impressive peripherals in his first exposure to full season ball, at the age of 18, the year after he was drafted out of high school is very encouraging.

I'm also thankful for Ray Montgomery's first draft class. I think he nailed each of his first four picks netting Trent Clark, Nathan Kirby, Cody Ponce, and Demi Orimoloye. That's an impressive haul.

And finally I'm thankful Mark Attanasio finally appears ready to rebuild. He's very competitive and it cannot have been an easy decision for him. But I do think it's best for the franchise and it has me really excited for the future of this team.

Kyle says:

I'm thankful for Ryan Braun, who hit a home run in the first game I took my kids to this past season. I'm also thankful the drafting of Cody Ponce, for David Stearns "best player available" rebuild philosophy, and that Ray Montgomery stuck around in MKE.

Travis says:

I'm thankful for the Cubs, who eliminated the Cardinals from the postseason. I'm thankful for Carlos Gomez's hip and the Mets doctors, who facilitated the trade with Houston. I'm thankful for Zack Greinke, because everyone should always be thankful for Zack Greinke.

JP says:

Three things I'm thankful for in regards to the Brewers.

1. Jonathan Lucroy is still a Brewer. I know there's a large contingent that want him traded, but I don't agree with that side. Catcher is too thin in the Brewers system, and the team still needs a face of the franchise. I'd be completely in favor of an extension because I believe his catching abilities can hold into his later years. If he does get traded, it's going to be a very sad day for me, regardless of what the return is.

2. GM David Stearns' aggressive philsophy. Looking at the moves that Stearns has made so far, it seems like he is going to be a more active GM than what we saw with Doug Melvin. At times, it felt like Melvin was too passive. Some of that has to go with the game, but at times it just seemed like too much. I like that Stearns hasn't been afraid to make moves so far and am wondering what he has in store for the Winter Meetings.

3. The new streaming deal with MLB and FOX. Even though this isn't the cord-cutting route that a lot of people want, it's a much-needed step in the right direction. To be able to watch Brewers games on a computer or mobile device while in market is something that has been needed for a long time. It's not exactly what I was hoping for (which was in-market streaming through MLB.TV), but it's progress, and it allows for more flexibility in where I can watch Brewers games.


So those are some of the things we're thankful for. How about you all?