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BCB Mailbag #8: Can't eat anymore

Happy day after gorging day everyone!

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Great198 asks us all, "Even if you're not a bobblehead fan, if you could pick just one ultimate Brewers bobblehead giveaway that you would deem worthy of putting on your living room mantle next to photos of your loved ones, what would it be?"

Mine would be Tim Dillard doing his Harry Caray impressions. Similar to the Harry Doyle one from this season you'd push a button to hear a variety of soundbites.

How about a bobble-foot Geoff Jenkins after he mangled it sliding into 3B? -Kyle

Drezdn hands me too much power, "Due to a generous SBNation Christmas bonus (or accounting error) you are able to buy the Brewers. As an owner, what changes would you want to see in the CBA next year?"

Well first things first, I wouldn't use that money to buy the Brewers. I'd buy tacos and hookers. But to answer your question, I'd be a terrible owner. I'd want to get rid of the qualifying offer system because it's borked.

Then I'd want to change the way the draft is structured. I like Dave Cameron's idea. Basically there is no draft. Everyone is a "free agent" that can sign with any team. Each team starts with the same base amount to spend but things get handicapped with respect to spending ability. Teams get their amateur pool allotment cut equal to percentage over the average payroll they spend. And teams that spend under the average get allotted more money. This too is an imperfect solution but I think it's better than anything that's existed before it.

I'd also push for automating the strike zone. I don't know for sure the technology is advanced enough to do it right now--it might be I just don't have that information to make an informed decision--but if it's not then I'd want to poor some money into getting it ready.

I'd also want to institute harsher penalties for idiots that intentionally harm other players. We're dealing with adults here. Retaliation is unacceptable behavior.

GoldenFrank throws down the gauntlet, "Thanksgiving rapid fire either/or.
White Meat or Dark Meat?
Stuffing(in bird) or Dressing(prepared separately)?
Cranberry Sauce Yes or No?
Yams or White Potatoes?
Apple Pie or Pumpkin Pie?
Redi-Whip or Cool Whip?

Note: This is not a survey. This is a quiz. There are correct answers to all of these."

I like both but I prefer white meat as long as it's not too dry.
Stuffing and dressing are equally disgusting. No one wants soggy bread.
No to canned cranberry sauce. Yes to freshly made cranberry sauce made with real and fresh cranberries. This year I made a cranberry chutney that was fudging delightful.
Potatoes. Yams and sweet potatoes are for peasants! 
I enjoy the occasional slice of pumpkin pie but apple pie is objectively superior.
I make my own whipping cream son!

Roguejim asks, "I know it's unlikely, but I would like one of our unheralded middle infielders to emerge as a quality major-league hitter (like, .800 OPS-ish, or a little lower but who makes up for it with steals). Last year I was pulling for Hector Gomez, but that never quite panned out. Who is most likely to be able to pull off that kind of season? (Herrera's second-half numbers would work, if he could sustain that for a full year.)"

I was pulling for Gomez too. As for Elian Herrera, let's not forget he isn't a young dude. He's going to be 31 before spring training starts. He's an okay utility infielder but I don't see the capability for more.

If I had to choose one of the Brewers current major league ready infielders to outhit the rest it's still Jean Segura. He has the most power out of the group. He didn't see success in terms of triple slash but his change in approach was succesfull in that he was able to stop pulling everything. If he can take another step forward with it and start driving the ball I still think he can be a 3 win shortstop or second baseman. He also has 30 SB potential.

I like the potential with Jonathan Villar. He's still reasonably young too. I think it's possible he could get to league average (100 wRC+) offense. Combine that with 40 SB potential and hopefully solid defense and I think that's a 2-3 win shortstop or second baseman. Maybe a two win third baseman.

Drezdn asks, "What Brewer (past or present) is closest to you in age?"

I'm right between Ryan Braun and Prince Fielder.

Mr. Leam follows up with, "Which Brewers player has the name most similar to your Mum's maiden name?"

Actually there is a Brewers minor league catcher with the exact same name as my mom's maiden name. It's Dustin Houle. I was surprised when I first learn of him because Houle doesn't seem to be a very common last name. Or at least I've never seen a Houle outside of a family get together. I don't know much about him, but if he turns out to be  Chippewa with family ties in Northern Wisconsin he might be my cousin.


That's all for today. I hope everyone had an enjoyable Thanksgiving or a perfectly acceptable Thursday. We'll be back next Friday so make sure to get your questions in!