Slingin' Dave Stearns, What Have You Done So Far?

Sir, you bought your own label, but whether it actually fits ot not, time will tell. You made a few 40 man roster cuts, pretty much as expected. Then you pulled 3 quick trades in 3-4 days and you asserted your autonomy from the owner. Good, you have a free hand. And good you have a good relationship with the Houston organization. Sir, respectfully, you acted quickly and decisively, and people do like that. We don't actually know how much you collaborated with Doug and CC, but let me assume you would not push ahead without the nod from Doug. Well done, regardless. So what have you done so far? 1.You chopped Logan Schafer, Hernan Perez and Ceasar Jimenez. It had to be done, and not entirely surprisingly they all remain with the organization. Not a big deal, they were all due to go. But not so bad having 3 guys around for emergency. Nevin Ashley also moved off the 40 man. 2. You added players to the 40 man, Magnifico, Barnes, a pair of hard throwers, while selectively leaving off a group of players calculated to avoid the Rule 5 draft. And you left 2 slots open. With at least 3 more 40 man players, Fields, Pena, Shjane Peterson, but no need to clear them right now. 3. You got Junior Guerra off waivers from the White Sox, which was barely noticeable at the time. 4. You then slung KRod, Francisco Rodgriguez to the Tigers in a fan popular and mini salary dump move. You got in Javier Betancourt and the mythical PTBNL. On the surface borderline under value for an established major league closer who never had a hint of arm trouble over 13 years. He had personal issues, but I like to think it was not a major consideration in the trade. Then Betancourt, a 20 yo infielder who plays A ball.The kid could be anything, as we can see he handles the glove well and doesn't strike out. The high ceiling would have him reaching the majors in 3-4 years and playing 2B. On the lower side he can be a handy utility because of his glove work. His bat looks better than recent utility candidates, Sardinas and Rivera. So in this case I like the deal. I think also we will miss KRod, but we don't really need him over 2016-17. 5. You slang Cy Sneed to the Astros for Jonathan Villar. You gave a 3rd round draft pick who was maturing as a starter, albeit with low peripheral numbers, for a ML ready infielder. Not to good on the surface. But Villar, who has no options, plays in the majors this year. He is a major upgrade over Sardinas and Rivera at the plate. But defensively he looks a risk. He might play 3rd, I hope not. He might platoon at 2nd and could actually handle 2nd base better than 3rd. Good move? Yes because it upgrades the 25 man roster and Sneed was not being fastracked to the majors, still a work in progress. 6. You slinged Luis Sardinas to the Mariners for Ramon Flores ex Yankee prospect. Sardy could start in the majors at SS, but didn't fit in our system. As purely a no hit good glove SS we really didn't need him. Then Flores. Coming off a broken ankle and can play 3 positions, noteably CF. And of Shane Peterson, Domingo Santana and Ben Fields,moves ahead of all, if healthy can play CF if only defensively until Brett Phillips is ready. Also allowing for the fact that if Flores is healthy, Peterson and Fields or maybe Fields can be moved from the 40 man. Good move, good vision, we need a true centerfielder, and we did not need Sardinas once Villar was added. So Slinging Dave you addressed a few issues and you have marginally improved the 40 man roster and most likely strengthened the 24-25 positions on the 25 man. Most of us like seeing moves, some remain neutral, a few negative comments, mostly supportive. You still have few major pieces to deal with, so we are waiting on that.