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Discussion Thread: How do you get by without baseball?

Another season of baseball is in the books. Now what do we do for the next five months?

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Baseball fans are a dedicated bunch. For many of us it's our constant companion. We watch well over 100 games a year. That's three hours a night for half the year, longer if you count the spring training and the playoffs. It honestly sucks when it's done and gone from our lives. I'll admit to feeling rather melancholy for a while after the season ends.

It doesn't last long and of course I always manage because eventually baseball will return. But sometimes it can be difficult finding a way to fill that three hour void. I can tell you that DVRs have helped immensely. By the time the baseball season has ended I always have so many hours of television saved up it's actually kind of ridiculous.

Winter is also when I get caught up on my reading. I usually end up going to the library at least once a week. And for those of you with a fear of reading, most libraries have a section with movies. They even have audiobooks if you're feeling adventurous.

I also have more time to play video games. I grew up with them. My first console was a NES (when it was the current gen). I honestly love video games and have very fond memories of some. Though I find now that I don't have the patience, endurance, and attention span for video games that I once did. A game has to be really good to get him hooked enough to play through it.

Not everything I do is of the solitary variety. Going to the bar is always an option in Wisconsin--if you're old enough of course. Unfortunately there aren't a whole lot of outdoor activities to do in the colder months. I like to get together with friends and play board games.

I'm interested to hear what you lot do to survive the cold harsh winter. What's your go to time wasting activity (keep it clean!). Any recommendations for movies, books, games, beer? Any recommendations for anything? Leave it in the comment section. Tell us how you survive without baseball.