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BCB Mailbag #10: Y'all got anymore of them questions?

Remember to leave your questions in the comments to be answered in next Friday's mailbag.

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Great128 asks me for my "Best Brewers 25-Man Roster"

C: Johnny "Nah I think I'll just walk it out" Estrada C Yorvit Torrealba SP Josh Stinson RP Alfredo Figaro
1B Yuniesky Betancourt BN Edwin Maysonet SP Jeff Suppan RP Michael Gonzalez
2B Felipe Lopez BN Craig Counsell SP Braden Looper RP Seth McClung
3B Ryan Braun BN Laynce Nix SP Doug Davis RP Eric Gagne
SS Jeff Bianchi BN Eric Farris SP Tomo Ohka RP Livan Hernandez
LF Kevin Mench RP David Riske
CF: Mark Kotsay RP Tim Dillard
RF Brad Nelson

AKBrewerfan wonders, "Once you have all the money, how do you plan on keeping the world's economies from collapsing?"

Simple. I eliminate all biological humans and create a robot race to serve my every whim.

From Twitter

I'll put it at 50/50. Honestly I think it has a high probability of being a disaster. I'm a firm believer he should not be allowed to field a position. However last year was the first time he was asked to play a significant amount of time there. Maybe he can be not as much of a liability with more reps? I will acknowledge that he's exactly the type of dude the Brewers should be targeting. He could hit a f---ton of home runs in the first half and be tradeable by the deadline. That's one of the types of free agents they should be targeting--ones they think can be traded. The other type are defensive specialists which he very much is not.

It's actually Steve Blackman. And when it's not him it's just one of us that forgot.


And that's it for this week. Ask more questions this time!