How About Ramon?

Ramon Flores sits at No.37 on the 40 Man Roster. Not on the DL and not sure why, but perhaps he can be put on the DL if he's not ready for Spring Training.

Flores is an ex Yankee prospect who was still a prospect when dealt to the Mariners. Then sent to the Brewers for Luis Sardinas in a move that made sense for both clubs. Flores on the lower end of being a 5 tool player, but we soon found out he suffered a severe ankle dislocation and fracture, 14 August while sliding.

Flores has some speed with 62 minor league steals, and has logged playing time at 3 positions, although 460 appearances in LF vs 114 in CF, 100 in RF, indicates he is not a high level centefielder, let's say adequate.

And so far we have no report of his rehab or if it's even started. He might have lost some speed and mobility, and if compared to other players with compound ankle fractures, Buster Posey, Kendry's Morales, he could take up to a year or more to get back on the field.

The club released Ben Fields while currently retaining Shane Peterson, but the club is still looking for an everyday centerfielder.

So how about Ramon? His situation will be complicated if he misses ST and has to rehab somewhere in the minors. And if brought up, he might be a 4th or 5th outfielder at that juncture. In fact he looks better than that, slashing .275/,363/.405 throughout 6 years of minor league ball. Not including a brief 12 game appearance, 32 AB's, with the Yankees early 2015.

But, if things do fall into place, he would be an upgrade of the 4th OF position. And, if no other candidate, he can play CF mid of 2016, allowing Brett Phillips more time in AAA. For me, a definite keeper, with Shane Peterson more likely to be traded or released if Flores does come back strong. Shane to be the 4th outfielder currently, with the caveat that we will probably be bringing in another centerfielder in the interim.