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Brewers First Base Targets: Who is your choice?

We spent last week looking at the first base options in free agency. Now we want to hear your thoughts.

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Ever since the Brewers traded Adam Lind we knew they had interest in finding a first baseman in free agency. But Jason Rogers provided an interesting in-house option. His presence also meant the Brewers didn't have to get a free agent to fill the position. Now that he's gone--and even accounting for the presence of Will Middlebrooks--it's incredibly likely the Brewers do dip into free agency to fill the hole at first base.

With that in mind we all took a look at each first base option the Brewers had been linked to. We also took a look at veteran Justin Morneau despite the fact his name has not come up in any Brewers rumors. So now that you've all had time to digest those options we'd like to hear your thoughts. We're putting up a poll and as always feel free to leave your opinion in the comments.

Pedro Alvarez

Alvarez is a big home run threat. He's capable of 30+ home runs and should be a lock for 20+. That's more than you can say about most of the others. He's also left-handed which makes for a nice platoon partner for the likes of Will Middlebrooks. Of all the options Alvarez seems most likely to have trade value at the deadline.

Chris Carter

Carter is sort of the right-handed version of Alvarez. Each will give you big home runs, big walk numbers, and even bigger strike out numbers. Neither is adept at fielding their position. Still, home runs are always a sought after commodity at the trade deadline.

Ike Davis

At his best Davis is a competent fielder at first who can put up big home run numbers. Unfortunately he hasn't been his best for years. It's not impossible he can put everything together, it just seems unlikely. Being left-handed is a point in his favor though and he should come cheap.

Steve Pearce

Pearce is a competent defender at a multitude of positions. That doesn't necessarily carry extra value to the Brewers, but it could make him a viable trade asset. He's right handed.

Justin Morneau

Once an MVP caliber player, injuries and age have severely limited Morneau's upside. He's left-handed and is a fine defender. But concussions have been an issue throughout the latter half of his career. If it would be a guarantee that he'd be healthy and able to contribute for a whole season he might be the best option. But at this point it's probably foolish to hope for that.