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What did you ask Santa to give the Brewers this year?

Christmas is tomorrow. What free agent are you hoping Santa gives the Brewers this year?

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

Well, tomorrow is Christmas Day. As Brewers fans we want to know what free agent you're hoping Mark Attanasio and David Stearns Santa leaves under the blue and gold Christmas tree tonight. You can come up with any scenario you want. I would suggest you try to be logical--Brewers aren't going to sign a Yoenis Cespedes for example--but hey, it's Christmas so you can ask Santa for whatever you want. Just be prepared not to get it--like when I didn't get that Power Wheels Jeep when I was 6 THANKS FOR THE STUPID TRAIN SET THOUGH SANTA REAL COOL..

Ahem, moving on. Also keep in mind that Santa doesn't always leave a pleasant present. For the naughty boys and girls he leaves something else. The iconic "gift" is a lump of coal, but that's not the only thing that gets left under the tree. Brewers fans were particularly bad boys and girls in 2006. And do you remember what we got? Jeff Suppan on a 4 year deal.

Also, for our friends that celebrate Chanukah, sorry for not getting something up then. I'm guilty of "out of sight, out of mind" on that one. I've never celebrated it with family or friends so I always kind of forget about it. My bad. But you guys and girls did get some nice presents over your holiday. Chanukah began on December 6th this year and ended on December 14th. This is what the Brewers got you:

Dec 9: Adam Lind traded to SEA for pitchers Daniel Missaki, Carlos Herrera, and Freddy Peralta
Dec 10: Acquired C Manny Pina to complete K-Rod trade
Dec 10: Acquired 3B Garin Cecchini
Dec 10: Drafted INF Colin Walsh
Dec 10: Drafted RHP Zack Jones
Dec 11: Signed INF Jake Elmore to minor league deal
Dec 11: Signed LF Alex Presley to minor league deal

That's not a bad haul. Not a bad haul at all.

So think long and hard about what you'd like to see the Brewers get for Christmas and let us know in the comments. I think I'd like the Brewers to get a nice, shiny, slightly used Josh Johnson. Just for the heck of it. Oh and if you need to see a list of the available free agents you can find that here.