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BCB Mailbag #9: Read this then go watch Jessica Jones

Make sure to get your questions in now before next week's Mailbag. Next time will be after the Winter Meetings!

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TB10 asks, "How many ballparks have you been to?"

Sadly I haven't been to very many. The first of course was County Stadium. I believe the first game I ever went to was when I was around 7 or 8. It was part of a field trip with the daycare my parents would send me to. It was awful. We all packed into these dumpy vans and drove the hour to Milwaukee. They bought us one small soda and a hot dog--which I always found disgusting as a child. It was super hot and we sat in the bleachers with the sun beating down on us. We all got sick. It was a nightmare.

I've also been to Miller Park which is a shocker, I know. I've been to the Oakland Colliseum for an A's game. My brother used to live somewhat nearby. I don't actually remember much about the game or the stadium to be honest. The garlic fries were pretty rad though.

And the only other park I've been to is Wrigley Field. It's a beautiful park when you're sitting in the stands and it's hard to find a bad seat. At least that's been my experience. But the bathrooms suck and so did the beer selection. Though I didn't look very hard so maybe there was a micro brew section somewhere. Or maybe that had stuff like that now. I haven't been in several years.

Stigmo asks, "Of the following, how many get traded by the time the truck heads to Maryvale: Lind, Segura, Lucroy, Davis?"

I think Adam Lind is the surest bet. There's just no reason to trade him. I can't believe they won't get reasonable offers. Even with Pedro Alvarez and Chris Carter now on the market Lind is way better.

Of the remaining three I think Segura is the likeliest to go. It's been rumored that was their plan all along and the SS market is as thin as any other market. Segura hasn't shown much with the bat but he's a good defender. At the very least I think he's a league average shortstop with some upside. He's not going to fetch a huge deal but he's largely superfluous now. I kind of hope he does get moved if only to satisfy my curiosity as to what he's worth to teams.

I think the market is too saturated with outfielders right now. Khris Davis is a solid offensive outfielder but his defense limits his overall value. There are plenty of 2 win OF available which takes away leverage from the Brewers. I see a Davis trade as more likely next offseason when the market is much worse. A mid-season trade could be possible as well. It's just tough right now because the Brewers essentially have 3 MLB-ready corner outfielders in Davis, Ryan Braun, and Domingo Santana.

As for Lucroy I think he's the real wild card. I know some people think his value is down right now and I don't entirely disagree. It's certainly down from when he was arguably the best player in baseball in 2014. However I still value him as a 3-4 win catcher and I think the rest of the baseball world does too. Yes, even after his down 2015 season (he was mostly himself from mid-June onwards).

And if that is true I just don't see him raising his value enough by the trade deadline that the Brewers can get more for him then when he comes with just 1.5 years vs 2 he offers now. At the same time, I don't think they'd have to settle for less--barring another injury. So I really believe the likelihood of a winter Lucroy trade really depends on what teams are willing to offer. If the Brewers don't get the deal they're looking for they might as well keep him and look to move him later. No need to do other teams a favor by selling low.

And as a sidenote, I think there's a nonzero chance another reliever gets traded. Maybe even a prospect or two.

AKBrewerfan asks, "What question do you wish we would ask, and what's the answer to that question?"

I wish someone would ask me how much money they should give me. And the answer is all of it. Give me all of it.

Drezdn asks us, "How was your Thanksgiving? What Tv shows or movies have you been excited about lately?"

My Thanksgiving was pretty all right. I didn't over eat but I did drink too many dirty martinis. Friday morning was rough. Then I had Piesgiving with friends Friday night. That was pretty fun.

I recently binged "Jessica Jones." I really enjoy most things Marvel is doing right now. "Daredevil" was quite good. I try not to overhype things for people because it can have an adverse effect on their enjoyment of whatever it is. But I really think "Jessica Jones" was the better of the two Netflix Marvel shows.

Speaking of Marvel shows, I highly recommend "Agents of SHIELD" if you haven't watched it. I remember when the promo pictures of the show were released before the show started. I thought, "Oh great. A bunch of beautiful (read generic) people who aren't super heroes. This is an obvious cash grab piggybacking off the Marvel cinematic universe." Nope. It's a Joss Whedon show. Which means it's cussing awesome.

As for movies I haven't gone to many lately. I'm guilty of being super hyped for the new Star Wars movie. I really wanted to go see "The Martian" but never did. I saw the new James Bond movie and thought it was solid. I'm super glad the "Secret in Their Eyes" remake is getting panned. The original Spanish version was amazing and I hate when stuff like that gets remade. Just read the damn subtitles you lazy oafs!

"My thanksgiving was good, we went to my mom's for dinner and Grandma's for dessert, then my cousin/close friend came over to watch the Packers make fools out of themselves. I booed at Brett Favre on my TV when he came out of the tunnel. We're still eating leftovers a week later.

I'm stoked for the new Star Wars movie. I don't watch much TV, though I did binge watch Ken Burns' "Baseball" when it was on last week.

My wife is into Once Upon A Time on ABC so I watch that with her. They made the main character evil in this season and it's all pretty dark considering it's supposed to be a Disney fairytale type-show, and I'm actually very curious to see how it plays out." -Kyle

"TV shows/movies: Jessica Jones was impossibly good, I never really imagined I could be more impressed with David Tennant than I was after his turn as The Doctor, but he is incredible as The Purple Man. I'll be seeing the new Star Wars movie on Thursday before y'all suckers, and I promise not to spoil it for you. I'm also hoping Rick and Morty take a much shorter amount of time off between seasons this time around." -Travis

From Twitter:

That would be a great gimmick for a losing season to bring in fans! Although he might break the catchers hand with his velocity. Also I'm not sure he and Brauny are on speaking terms yet.

I think short and long term the answer is third base. But in the short term I'd be more concerned with finding a defensive third baseman. Since the Brewers don't need to win in the next two years it's not that important to find an all around good player. But a good defensive third baseman is more important than a good offensive one, because that defense will help the pitching staff. There are a bunch of young guys currently in the rotation and more coming up.

It's tough to say. He's relatively young, cheap, and under control for three years. He has mid-rotation potential and that's all very valuable. However he is coming off a pretty horrible season, albeit one where he was dealing with an oblique injury. That definitely contributed some to his poor performance and it's not something you worry about going forward. But his value is lower than it would have been after a good season. Still, the prices for pitching are sky high even with the large pool available in free agency. That might actually help the Brewers since Peralta might make less than $12 million in those three remaining years of control. So while I'm not sure exactly what they could get, I think they can ask for a legit prospect in return. I'll say more than what they got for Gallardo, but not by a large margin.

Hands down my favorite is Donna Noble. I just liked that there was no romantic feelings between the two. They were just chums. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed Rose's story a lot. And Martha Jones' pining was endearing. But I just really liked The Doctor and Donna paling around the universe together. Plus who doesn't like a feisty woman? And here ending is so tragic. * SPOILERS * (For something that happened like 8 years ago so chill) You go on these amazing adventures, literally save the universe, and then you have all that taken away from you. You don't get to remember any of it and you have to go back to living a shitty ordinary life on Earth. It's sad.

If there's a team to avoid trading with it would be one that generally seems to win trades on a consistent basis. I'm not sure there is a team like that. I think generally speaking when the Brewers are looking to acquire prospects they do quite well for themselves. So I'm not too worried about anything. I only wish they were in on the dumb trades the Diamondbacks have made trying to shed salary. I'd have loved to see the Brewers take on Bronson Arroyo's dead money to get a pitching prospect like Touki Toussaint.


Okay folks that's all for today. Make sure to get your questions in for next week's edition of the BCB Mailbag. Have fun this week and prepare your mind holes for the Winter Meetings!