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Brewers Free Agent Targets: Series Index

We covered a lot of free agents that could fit with the Brewers. Here's a handy index for you to bookmark.

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So far the Brewers haven't been super active this offseason. But that could very well change this week. There figures to be at least one trade--with Adam Lind the most likely to go. But the Brewers may very well dip into free agency to address some needs and possibly to acquire an asset to trade later.

At BCB we've covered a number of these potential free agent targets. With the Winter Meetings underway I thought it would be beneficial to provide a list of links to those articles for you to peruse. You can bookmark this page if you like and in the future if we add more to the series, we'll add the link in here too.

Brewers Free Agent Targets: David Freese

David Freese is likely the best third base free agent on the market. That says more about the thin market than Freese's abilities though.

Brewers Free Agent Targets: Brandon Beachy

Brandon Beachy has had two Tommy John surgeries and hasn't pitched much in recent seasons. But when he was healthy he was a mid-rotation caliber pitcher. He's going to be very cheap and could present a quality trade asset at the non-waiver deadline if healthy.

Brewers Free Agent Targets: Austin Jackson

One of the Brewers biggest needs is in center field where they don't have a true defender. Austin Jackson could provide a reasonably cost effective option who provides solid defense and perhaps the ability to trade him later.

Brewers Free Agent Targets: Jhoulys Chacin

Chacin has had the bad luck to have spent his entire career pitching in Colorado and Arizona. Given a more pitcher friendly environment he could provide quality innings and become a tradeable asset later on.

Brewers Free Agent Targets: Rich Hill

Hill was an interesting buy low option, but he's since signed with the Athletics.

Brewers Free Agent Targets: Jae-Gyun Hwang

Jae-Gyun Hwang was recently posted by his KBO team, but somewhat surprisingly no one posted a bid for him. He will have to return to the KBO now.

Brewers Free Agent Targets: Dioner Navarro

The Brewers don't need a catcher at the moment, but should the Brewers trade Lucroy they will. Dioner Navarro made an appealing option but has since signed with the White Sox.

Brewers Free Agent Targets: Gordon Beckham

Gordon Beckham could have provided the Brewers with an extremely cheap defense only option at third base. He was best considered a last resort. However he's since re-signed with the White Sox.

Brewers Free Agent Targets: Doug Fister

Doug Fister might be available on a one year bounce-back contract. Best case scenario he does and can be traded.

Brewers Free Agent Targets: Nobuhiro Matsuda

The Japanese third baseman could provide the Brewers with a quality and cheap player on a short term contract. Best case scenario he could be traded at a later date for a quality prospect package.