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Brewers Trade Assets: Series Index

With the Winter Meetings underway we wanted to give you an index of our Trade Asset Series.

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This is the biggest single week of the offseason every year without fail. Last year was incredibly active and with a number of new general managers and, perhaps more importantly, young GM's around this year should be more of the same.

David Stearns has made it clear his goal is to acquire, develop, and retain as much young talent as he can. So there is a very real chance we could be in store for multiple trades this week. In anticipation of just such an eventuality we at Brew Crew Ball have been running a "Brewers Trade Asset" series.

We covered the players we felt made the most sense to be traded. But we also covered some players we thought would be talked about, but not traded for one reason or another. With the Winter Meetings now underway we wanted to compile a list including links to all the trade asset articles for you. Just to make it easier for you to go back and see what we had to say.

Brewers Trade Assets: Adam Lind

Of all the Brewers trade assets, Lind is the one with the highest probability of being traded. There's a strong chance that happens this week.

Brewers Trade Assets: Jonathan Lucroy

Of all the Brewers trade assets, Lucroy has by far the most value. However as the Brewers retain control over him for two more years they can afford to be picky when it comes to trade offers. If they don't get one they like they don't have to trade him.

Brewers Trade Assets: Ryan Braun

Given the $105 million contract, the back surgery, the thumb injury, and the PED scandal it's incredibly unlikely Braun gets moved this offseason.

Brewers Trade Assets: Khrush Davis

Khris Davis is a great option for teams looking for cheap offense. However the free agent market is saturated with outfielders which could hurt Davis' value. The Brewers might be better off waiting until the trade deadline or next winter to move the young slugger.

Brewers Trade Assets: Jean Segura

At first glance Segura doesn't appear to have much value. However he's a plus defender at a demanding position. And it's not like there are a lot of other shortstops on the market. His offense has been poor but he still offers potential at a position which is anemic offensively.

Brewers Trade Assets: Matt Garza

Coming off the worst season of his career and one in which he was very vocal about his discontent at being removed from the rotation, it seems unlikely the Brewers will find a buyer. It's more likely they'll try to rehab his value and move him at the trade deadline or next winter.

Brewers Trade Assets: A Trio of Relievers

The Brewers are in an enviable position with three young and effective relievers. With the relief market extremely thin David Stearns could find a suitor willing to pay a hefty price for his cheap, controllable, and effective relievers.

Brewers Trade Assets: Prospect Depth

Stearns' mantra since taking command of the Brewers front office has been to acquire, develop, and retain young talent. So it seems counter-intuitive that they'd entertain trading their own prospects. But sometimes it make sense to deal from a position of depth to fill a hole.