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Brewers Trade Targets: Series Index

This list is a lot shorter than the others, but it's a subject that is a lot harder to tackle too. Bookmark this page because we'll keep adding to it if/when we identify more potential trade targets.

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Concluding our series indices which are relevant to the Winter Meetings we present to you our list of links for our Trade Targets Series. This series has been a lot harder to develop. With the free agent series we know which players are out there. We can make an informed guess as to which players are fits.

It's much the same with our Trade Asset Series. In a lot of ways this one was much easier to create. There are fewer members of the Brewers on the 40-man roster than there are free agents. So the pool was much smaller. And of course it's easy enough to identify which players might draw interest.

It's much harder to identify players and prospects from other teams that may be available. We have no idea how teams are valuing their players. I don't think anyone could have guessed Ramon Flores, Jonathan Villar, and Javier Betancourt were available or would be trade targets for the Brewers.

Regardless of the challenge we were able to identify a couple of prospects or major league ready players that might be available and that might make sense for the Brewers to target. That doesn't mean we heard anything specific. It's just a hunch on our part. But that's what the offseason is for, right?

Brewers Trade Targets: Garin Cecchini

Garin Cecchini is a third baseman in the Red Sox organization. He was once well thought of receiving a 60 grade on his hit tool which is a rare thing. However he's struggled at the major league level and his second go-around at AAA. After the Trade Target article was published the Red Sox actually DFA'd Cecchini as they needed to make room for David Price. That means the Brewers could simply put a claim on him to get him. Unless one of the teams with a higher priority claims him first. He has to pass through the entire AL first.

Brewers Trade Targets: Dylan Bundy

Here we have another former top prospect. Dylan Bundy was once considered among the best pitchers in the minors and quickly ascended to the majors. Unfortunately he's suffered injury after injury and set-back after set-back. Now he's out of options having spent very little time pitching in recent seasons. The Orioles haven't had much success with him and would probably need to put him in their bullpen where he could be an asset. But they're trying to compete in 2016 and might not be able to suffer through more troubles should they arise. It might make sense to cut their loses and trade him to a team like the Brewers who are better suited to let him struggle on his way to potentially meeting his mid-rotation potential.

Brewers Trade Targets: Trevor Bauer

The Indians are said to be looking at trading a starter to fill some holes in left field and first base. Carlos Carrasco and Danny Salazar are getting the headlines. But they might be more open to moving a starter further down their depth chart.