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Brewers Trade Rumors: Market hot on Jonathan Lucroy

Brewers listening to offers on catcher and the market is hot, but it will take a huge offer to pry him away from Milwaukee.

Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier today we reported on the markets for Jean Segura and Jonathan Lucroy heating up. It might be more apt to say the Brewers are hoping the market for Segura heats up, Lucroy's is very active right now.

It's interesting that other teams consider him a bounceback candidate. I wholeheartedly agree of course. I made more or less the same argument in an article at the outset of the offseason. Lucroy's full season slash line doesn't look very good. But that's because he started out horribly--after missing almost all of spring training with a hamstring injury--and then scuffled a bit in June--right after returning from his broken toe.

The thing about these injuries that they aren't the type that concern you going forward. The concussion he suffered at the end of the season is a bit of a different story. But even that is less concerning than it could have been. The Brewers shut him down for the last bit of the season. The real concern with concussions is when players suffer more than one or two and especially if they return too soon and re-aggravate the injury. That didn't happen here and Lucroy isn't considered an injury risk going forward.

So I think he's still valued as a 3-4 win catcher around baseball. That's a very valuable player. Teams will try to lowball the Brewers because of the down season and the injuries. But there aren't any other catching options available anywhere. It's Lucroy or bust. So the Brewers have all the leverage. With 2 years of control left they can afford to turn down all offers and trade him at a later date.

So in other words, they're going to listen to offers but don't feel pressure to move him.

I've learned not to take anything a front office member says at face value. I think this just reflects the position the Brewers are in. As we've said all along, they don't have to move him right now. But not being motivated to move a player doesn't really mean anything. Or rather it just means he's waiting for an offer to "motivate" him.