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Brewers Trade Rumors: Adam Lind market developing slowly

The Brewers are receiving lots of interest in the left-handed first baseman but no offers to their liking yet.

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Earlier this morning it seemed like there was a good chance the Brewers would move their first baseman. At some point they will trade Adam Lind but it's looking like it won't be today. First the Mariners said to be trying to acquire Lind.

It seemed to be a perfect fit. The Mariners had recently traded incumbent first baseman Mark Trumbo. They have a new GM and he seems to value players differently than Jack Z did. Instead of all power nothing else sluggers, Dipoto seems to favor a more well rounded team. He's added good defenders and players like Nori Aoki who can provide good OBP but no power--the exact opposite of the player Jack Z would pursue.

Adam Lind provides the best of both worlds. He hit 20 home runs last year so there's the power. He also had a .360 OBP in 2015 which gives him three straight seasons of .350+ OBP.

But the Mariners weren't the only team to check in on Adam Lind. The Orioles checked in at one point too. They may lose Steve Pearce and Chris Davis in free agency. So they're definitely a fit as well. However at this point the word is they haven't matched up on anything.

The only other team I've seen mentioned publicly with interest in Lind were the Padres. But their interest apparently wasn't strong and they don't seem to match up either.

These are the only teams we've publicly heard about checking in on Lind. But there are certainly more. Dennis Lin points that out. At this point I wonder if the Brewers are just waiting for Chris Davis to sign somewhere. He's the best 1B available in free agency or trade. Lind is next in line. It could be smart to wait out the market and clean up when a bunch of teams come calling on their back-up option after Davis signs elsewhere.

For what it's worth, the Mariners still appear to have a strong interest in Adam Lind. This article notes the Brewers are specifically looking for prospects. They name DJ Peterson as a possibility. I would have expected that to be too pricey. But maybe I was wrong. This was just speculation by the writer though.

I'll be the first to admit that it's really frustrating how slowly the trade market has developed for the Brewers assets. But it should be noted that the Brewers aren't under any real time constraints. They don't have to make a trade this week. But I would bet they still do move Lind before the meetings are over. At this point I would guess sometime Wednesday if it doesn't happen tonight.

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