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Adam Lind trade completed: Brewers get lower level prospects

The Mariners had been long associated with Adam Lind. Today they completed the trade.

Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Last night news trickled out that the Mariners were making "substantial progress" in trade talks with the Brewers to acquire Adam Lind. They were the first team to be publicly linked to the Brewers here at the Winter Meetings and their interest was said to be strong. Clearly that's true.

We haven't heard exactly how close this deal is to getting done, but it looks like it will happen today. Heck, knowing my luck it's going to happen right as I hit publish on this article. We haven't heard anything specific about who the Brewers will get in return, but the Brewers are said to be looking for prospects. I don't know if that's intentionally "prospects" plural or just a slip from reporters. It could be just one. I have no idea.

We do know a couple of players that won't be coming to the Brewers:

Okay, first of all if anyone thought Alex Jackson was a realistic return for Adam Lind that person is crazy. Jackson was the Mariners' first round pick a couple years ago and is probably a similar or better prospect than Brewers' Monte Harrison. He's also the Mariners' top prospect so that was never going to happen. Zunino is a young catcher and even though he's struggled he's a lot more valuable than Adam Lind.

As I'm writing this Jon Heyman has announced that the Lind trade has been completed. The Brewers are reportedly getting lower level prospects in return.

Furthermore Tom Haudricourt reports that none are on the Mariners 40-man roster:

Just keep in mind, "low-level" prospects don't mean they're not good. It means they're playing at the rookie league or single-A levels.

When we learn more we'll update this page. So keep checking back for more details.

Here is our first update:

The Mariners do have some interesting pitchers in the lower minors. You can take a look at some of their prospects at MLB Pipeline.

And now we have the names:

We'll do some research on those players and have another article up later.