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Poll: Are you happy the Brewers signed Francisco Rodriguez?

Francisco Rodriguez is a great pitcher, sure, but that's not enough for some to be glad he's back with the Brewers. What do you think?

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Francisco Rodriguez is a polarizing figure. While few people disagree that his off-the-field antics in the past have been nothing short of disgusting, it's also true that he has been a good pitcher on the field.

Since the morning announcement that the Brewers had come to terms with Rodriguez on a two-year contract with a team-option for a third year, there has been a lot of discussion here, on Twitter and elsewhere about whether having Rodriguez on the team is a good thing or not.

The pros of having Rodriguez on the team are readily apparent by looking at his Baseball Reference page. He's a good pitcher, who will help solidify a Brewers bullpen that had (and still has) a number of question marks. Last year, he finished a league-high 66 games, picked up 44 saves, and posted a 3.04 ERA and 9.7 K/9. He also had the lowest walk rate of his career.

Rodriguez has also been remarkably consistent over his career, as well, with few poor performances standing out. His 2012 campaign was arguably his worst, and even then he wasn't terrible with a 4.38 ERA and 3.83 FIP. He has his moments where he'll terrify you, but almost always gets the job done.

Another positive: Rodriguez genuinely does seem to love being in Milwaukee. For a state that has never been a desirable place for free agents in any sport, that can build goodwill among fans.

Of course, the cons list is fronted by the fact that any goodwill he may have earned is negated by the fact that he has been a despicable person in the past, including while in Milwaukee. I won't go deeply into detail in this post, but you can read my thoughts on his domestic abuse charges here. It's absolutely something that should be taken into account.

There's also the matter of his contract: Rodriguez is guaranteed two years at $3 million in 2015 and $6 million in 2016. However, there is another $4 million guaranteed deferred, bringing the total value up to $13 million, or around what the team is rumored to have offered Yoan Moncada. No word on what the third year would be valued at, if the option is picked up.

So, let's hear it. Are you happy the Brewers brought Francisco Rodriguez back or not?