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BCB Community Over/Unders: Matt Garza

Garza's first year in Milwaukee was fine but underwhelming. A big year 2 could really help.

Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

Matt Garza's first year with the Brewers was, for lack of a better term, predictable. HIs production level has been pretty consistent over the past few years-- pretty close to or better than average, but enough sporadic health problems to miss significant time though not totally derail the season. His peripherals were not so encouraging last year but a home run rate that was nearly his career best helped his overall production line.

2013 155.1 3.82 3.88 20.9 6.4 2.2
2014 163.1 3.64 3.54 18.5 7.4 2.5
Steamer 191.0 4.16 4.08 19.4 6.8 1.6
ZiPS 141.1 3.82 3.91 - - 1.5

The bottom line is that though Year 1 was not a disaster, I expect a lot more from Garza this year. I don't know that that ZiPS line above would qualify as an outright disaster, but it would be close. I have faith. I'll take the OVER.